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Check Out "Alien: Isolation" on Switch With This New Gameplay Trailer

Check Out “Alien: Isolation” on Switch With This New Gameplay Trailer

One of the best Alien games out on the market, Alien: Isolation, is now on Nintendo Switch. The Switch version of Alien: Isolation comes packing all previously released downloadable content, and its available via the Nintendo eShop in case you need some extra-spooky scares now that it’s Halloween. If you haven’t yet embarked on this […]

SEGA & Creative Assembly Announce "A Total War Saga: Troy"

SEGA & Creative Assembly Announce “A Total War Saga: Troy”

SEGA and Creative Assembly revealed the latest entry into the Total War series as they venture to Greece for A Total War Saga: Troy. The game will explore the Bronze Age in one of the most pivotal areas of the era, as told through the mythology of Homer’s Iliad. You will decide the fate of […]

Creative Assembly Announces “A Total War Saga: Fall Of The Samurai”

Creative Assembly announced a new addition to the Total War franchise today with A Total War Saga: Fall Of The Samurai. The game will actually be a revised version of the 2012 title Total War: Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai. This includes having four new DLC factions to add to the mix as you […]

Creative Assembly And NetEase Will Bring “Total War” Series To China

Today it was announced that Creative Assembly has partnered with NetEase to bring their Total War series to China in the future. NetEase has secured the rights to publish the entire series, including the latest release Total War: Three Kingdoms. No official date has been put on when these games will come out, but we’re […]

“Total War: Three Kingdoms” Announces Dynasty Mode

SEGA and Creative Assembly have announced a new addition coming to Total War: Three Kingdoms as Dynasty Mode will be added August 8th. This is going to be a new horde-style mode allows players to test their survival prowess. Wave after wave of enemies will be thrown at you as they will gain an ever-increasing […]

"Total War: Three Kingdoms" To Receive "The Eight Princes Come" Pack

“Total War: Three Kingdoms” To Receive “The Eight Princes” Pack

SEGA and Creative Assembly have announced a new content pack on the way for Total War: Three Kingdoms as you’ll get “The Eight Princes” Pack. The new DLC will become available on August 8th, but you can pre-order it on Steam now. The gist of this pack is that 100 years after the events of […]

Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion to hit iOS This Week

Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion to hit iPhone This Week

Feral Interactive, who are responsible for a number of mac, linux, and mobile ports, are releasing the standalone Barbarian Invasion for Rome: Total War on iPhone on May 9th, 2019. Feral Interactive previously released Creative Assembly and Sega’s Barbarian Invasion on iPad, so now it will be available for all iOS devices. Just as for the iPad, Barbarian Invasion […]

Total War: Three Kingdoms Shows Off a New Warlord Trailer

Creative Assembly has released a new trailer for their upcoming game Total War: Three Kingdoms, asking you what kind of warlord you will choose to be. Will you help mend the country and bring all of the people together? Will you divide factions and cause more turbulence within the region? Or will you lord over […]

Total War: Three Kingdoms Releases a Web Comic by David Mack

Total War: Three Kingdoms Releases a Web Comic

As part of the build-up to seeing Total War: Three Kingdoms be released next month, Creative Assembly has released a new webcomic. You can read the comic at this link, as you can check out the additional talents of David Mack, Sebastian Cheng, Sunshine Barbito, Clem Robins, and Andre Siregar. The story itself is kind […]

Total War: Three Kingdoms is Delayed until May 2019

Creative Assembly’s highly anticipated strategy title Total War: Three Kingdoms marks a significant step forward for Total War, creating a new level of depth for the franchise’s dedicated players. However, that kind of thing takes time to perfect. And unfortunately, perfection can cause delays. Today, the studio announced that players will have to wait a bit longer […]

Dong Zhuo joins the Roster of Total War: Three Kingdoms

SEGA and Creative Assembly released a new trailer today for Total War: Three Kingdoms, as they have added Dong Zhuo to the roster of characters. Along with his adopted son Lü Bu, who is recalled in the story as being the greatest warrior in the land, they are one hell of an opposing force to be dealt with […]

Collecting Our Thoughts on Total War: Three Kingdoms’ Romance Mode

A couple weeks ago we had the chance to take part in a demo with other games journalists to try out a new mode in Total War: Three Kingdoms. Creative Assembly and SEGA gave us a couple hours to play around on the game and see what we could do with it, and after thinking on […]

Total War: Three Kingdoms Releases a New Video on the Art of Espionage

SEGA and Creative Assembly have released a brand new video for Total War: Three Kingdoms, this time around exploring the art of espionage. Spies and spymasters were in abundance throughout China during this period with people turning on their rulers in favor of better rulers, or people who seemed to be in a better position […]

Total War: Three Kingdoms Releases a New In-Engine Trailer

Creative Assembly and Sega have revealed a new trailer for Total War: Three Kingdoms which is a breathtaking cinematic following the legendary hero Zhuge Liang as he wanders ancient China searching for a worthy master. The absolutely stunning visuals are even more impressive, considering the trailer was shot in-engine, so the cinematic showcases exactly how good Three […]

Total War: Three Kingdoms Releases a New Cinematic Trailer

Creative Assembly and SEGA have released a fresh new cinematic trailer for Total War: Three Kingdoms, introducing us to Zheng Jiang, the Bandit Queen. Along with her information and absolute awesomeness shown below, the developers also released info about her second Guanxi, her internal struggles, what she wants, and more. Enjoy! Dynasties and nobility mean nothing to […]

Total War: Three Kingdoms Has Rewritten the Diplomacy System

Some changes are coming to the Total War diplomacy system as Creative Assembly and SEGA have rewritten it for Total War: Three Kingdoms. The company released two videos explaining what’s going on and how the new system will work, which will introduce a new set of tools to create different outcomes. The system is going to […]

Creative Assembly is Shutting Down Total War: Arena in February

Creative Assembly, Wargaming, and Sega are reportedly shutting down the free-to-play online version of Total War. Yes, Total War: Arena will be shutting its doors in February 2019. The news comes by way of Dualshockers, who are reporting that the shutdown is happing because “Total War: Arena didn’t meet the expectations either Wargaming or Creative […]

Total War: Warhammer II Will Get “Curse of the Vampire Coast” DLC

SEGA and Creative Assembly released a new trailer and details today for the next Total War: Warhammer II DLC called “Curse of the Vampire Coast”. You won’t see it in time for Halloween as the DLC won’t be available until November 8th, but it doesn’t take away from the awesomeness as you fight zombie pirates, giant […]