Cory Smith

Thanos Legacy #1 cover by Geoff Shaw and Antonio Fabela

Thanos Legacy #1 Review: Half of a Great Comic

We go back to Thanos returning from meeting with his future self. What will be his legacy? What is next for the Mad Titan? Inevitably, Requiem comes for Thanos, and death comes with it. However, even after the Titan’s death, he has visitors concerned with his body. In the second tale, young Gamora is assigned […]

Weapon H #1 cover by Leinil Yu and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Weapon H #1 Review: Better than it has Any Right to Be

Clay Sung is a man spliced with the genetic material of the Hulk and Wolverine. He was intended to kill mutants, but he faked his death and has been on the run ever since. Now, he finds himself in the cold mountains of Alaska/Canada border. A research team is trapped with minimal supplies. Clay doesn’t […]

TMNT #75 cover by Cory Smith and Ronda Pattison

TMNT #75 Review: Dragging Second Half, But An Overall Good Read

The trial of General Krang on the planet Neutrino is soon to resume as soon as the Malignoid swarm has been defeated. All of the Neutrino’s allies are present: the Triceratons, Ace and his fighters, Zak and Kala, and, of course, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo are facing off against the […]

X-Men: Blue #7 Review: Let’s Just Tear Up The X-Men

*Ties into the Secret Empire crossover With the mutants being relegated to the state of New Tian in the wake of the Hydra takeover, Jean Grey and her X-Men: Blue squad are fighting to free the mutant and human prisoners being forced there. The leaders of New Tian, Emma Frost, Xorn, and Sebastian Shaw, do […]

Emma Frost & Polaris Returning in X-Men Blue

At the Secret Empire panel at C2E2, it was revealed that fan-favourite characters Emma Frost and Polaris will be returning in X-Men Blue with issues 8 and 9 respectively. These are issues tying into the Secret Empire event, and we already knew that Emma Frost would be leading a mutant resistance against Hydra Cap’s occupation […]

Comic Books – Immigrants Are Welcome Here

Writer Greg Pak has raised an excellent point on twitter in response to the #MuslimBan, the controversial Executive Order from President Donald Trump that bans immigration from seven countries of largely Muslim population. The ban is affecting refugees from war-torn regions, ideological or social refugees who would face recriminations and death in some cases for […]

Archie Adds Two New One-Shots For April: Little Sabrina, Big Moose

Following up on March’s launch of four Archie Comics one-shots that could pave the way for potential new ongoing series, the publisher will release at least two more in April: Little Sabrina and Big Moose. Neither one-shot required a Kickstarter to fund. Eisner Award winning website CBR has the EXCLUSIVE reveal of this news in an in-depth […]

Where The Kids Look Like Kids – The All New X-Men Annual #1, Reviewed

By Joe Glass, Bleeding Cool’s Senior Mutant Correspondent, The first (of this run, anyway. Will it be the only?) annual of Marvel’s All New X-Men packs two stories for the price one, and both contain some of the best X-Men storytelling in a while. And both tackle the current over-arcing plot of the X-Books, i.e. […]

Exclusive First Looks At Magnus: Robot Fighter #7 And Turock: Dinosaur Hunter #8

With the final order cutoff coming up for these two Gold Key book from Dynamite, they have sent us an exclusive set of pages each to get readers excited and to have them ask their local retailers to order them a copy. Here we get Magnus: Robot Fighter #7 and Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #8. Other Dynamite titles with FOC’s coming […]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Magnus: Robot Fighter #4

Dynamite has both Magnus: Robot Fighter #5 and the special Magnus Robot Hunter #0 issue hitting comics shelves on Wednesday. Like with some of their other books shipping on July 9th, they’ve teamed up with Bleeding Cool to present the preceding issues to give readers a chance to catch up with the series before picking up the […]

Raising Money for Comics – Funding your Dream Projects With A Pinch Of Salt

By Joe Glass These days, there are increasingly more and more ways to raise money for the production of comics and related merchandise. The most common, which a great many creators, both big and small, use are the various crowdfunding sites. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowdfunder, to name but a few; each offers its own features and […]

Early Look At Flash Gordon #1 And Magnus: Robot Fighter #2

We’ve got some sneak peeks from the folks at Dynamite as they launch their new Flash Gordon series with Jeff Parker and Evan Shaner and continue the Magnus: Robot Fighter reboot with Fred Van Lente and Cory Smith. FLASH GORDON #1 Jeff Parker (w) Evan Shaner (a) Gabriel Hardman, Jonathan Case, Declan Shalvey, Marc Laming (c) FC • […]