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Alan Moore Replies to Comicsgate in Final League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Yesterday saw the final issue of Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill‘s League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, with Tempest #6 providing the final cap as the book headed towards the Dalek Invasion Of Earth. We mentioned a few favourite surface-moments right here, and Moore-ologist Adi Tantimedh took a deeper look here – reminding us that Alan Moore […]

Mojo Complains About Diversity in Comics in X-Men Black Preview

Following the bestselling debut of X-Men Black, Marvel’s weekly October one-shot event, last week with Chris Claremont’s return on X-Men Black: Magneto, Mojo takes center stage in the appropriately titled X-Men Black: Mojo. Marvel has released a preview of the issue, in which Mojo vocalizes the complaints of a certain segment of comic book fandom… […]

Now Kyle Baker Draws ComicsGate…

Yesterday we heard from Dave Sim, and today legendary comic book creator Kyle Baker of Damage Control, The Cowboy Wally Show, and Why I Hate Saturn lends his artistic abilities to the ongoing Comicsgate debate. So excited to be part of the new #comicsgate line of books. — Quality Jollity (@KyleJBaker) September 4, 2018 […]

Marsha Cooke, Ethan Van Sciver, Comicsgate, and Darwyn Cooke’s Legacy

Marsha Cooke is the widow of comic book creator Darwyn Cooke. A prominent a presence at comic conventions, she is forthright in her opinions — and I know from personal experience that it’s not the greatest position to be on the wrong side of her. Recently someone on Twitter claimed that Darwyn would have supported the “ComicsGate” […]


Twitter Says It’s Cracking Down On Abusive Accounts, But It’s Not Doing Enough

Twitter has become the ubiquitous aspect of the comics industry and community — from advertising new projects, interactions between fans and creators, and sharing artwork. Hell, we here at Bleeding Cool get an absurd amount of our stories from that social media site alone. Of course, one thing with the platform becoming such a vital […]

#ChangeTheCover Is Not The #ComicsGate That #GamerGate Has Been Waiting For

Ever since #gamergate and #notyourshield Twitter hashtags ripped the gaming industry in twain, there have been enquiries as to whether the comic book industry, creators, journalists, fans, would go through a similar… experience. Some thought that the Milo Manara Spider-Woman controversy would be that moment, in the belief that Marvel Comics had cancelled Manara’s upcoming […]