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Grey’s, The Boys, Wrestling Spoilers, and More! [The Weekly Static s01e30]

And this is how it starts: you take your shoes off in the back of my van. My shirt looks so good when it’s just hanging off your back. And you said, “Use your hands and my spare time. We’ve got one thing in common it’s”… The Weekly Static! With all due respect to an incredibly cool song […]


The Weekly Static s01e28: Kylie Jenner, Walking Dead, Muppets & More!

I remember running through the wet grass, falling a step behind. Both of us never tiring, desperately wanting… The Weekly Static! Because the world’s a better place any time there’s a little more Better Than Ezra in it – and because I need the world to think that I’m dead until I can find a way […]

Drunk History

Comedy Central Keeps the Drinks Flowing by Renewing Drunk History

Comedy Central won’t be starting up the 12 steps just yet. The network has announced a sixth season renewal for their unreliable narrator-led historical reenactment series, Drunk History. The series, hosted by Derek Waters, features inebriated guests explaining little known moments in history while various actors… some of which are rather famous… act out the […]

Daily Show’s Michelle Wolf to Host White House Correspondents Dinner

Might be a good idea for White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to find some kind of excuse for her boss to be busy on April 28th — maybe “has to wash his hair” or “has to pick up a friend at the airport” — as The Daily Show‘s Michelle Wolf has been tapped by […]


The Weekly Static s01e27: Tosh Renews, Flair “Wooo”s, and Tons More!

On behalf of every heartbroken soul here at The Weekly Static, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas High School, their families and the community. Kinda crazy how it feels tonight, and kinda crazy how you make it all alright. You crush me with the things you […]


Comedy Central Renews Tosh.0 Through 2020

Making fun of internet videos has been very lucrative for comedian Daniel Tosh. The Comedy Central star has had his series Tosh.0 renewed for three more years — which will take the show to 2020 and season 12. The show features Tosh showing various internet videos and making jokes, mixed with a couple scripted comedy sketches. […]


The Weekly Static s01e22: Sabrina, Constantine, Vampires, and More!

Give me some rope I’m coming loose, I’m hanging on you. Give me some rope I’m coming loose, I’m pulling for you now. Give me some rope, I’m…The Weekly Static!* (read in a summer movie trailer voice) In a world corrupted by darkness…one man will show them the light. Coming Summer 2018, it’s… The Weekly Static […]

NBC Picks up Chris Hardwick’s Scripted Comedy Natural History

Chris Hardwick, the man once known for MTV’s Singled Out, Rob Zombie‘s House of 1000 Corpses, and G4’s Web Soup before creating his Nerdist empire, continues expanding his media empire with new scripted comedy series Natural History at NBC. Both Hardwick and Futurama‘s David X. Cohen will pen the series and executive produce alongside Mike […]

Drunk History Christmas Special

Wanna See A Bit Of The Drunk History Christmas Special?

History is often told by the winners, sure, but what happens when they’re super drunk?  This is exactly what happens on Comedy Central’s brilliant series Drunk History. This year, Comedy Central is doing a slew of holiday specials, including a Drunk History one called simply, Drunk History: Christmas Special. A sneak peek was just released, which you can […]

mst3k season 2

Netflix Renews MST3K For Season 2 – We’re Getting More Movie Sign!

In what can best be described as a “good news/bad news” proposition, Netflix has renewed bad-movie-roasting comedy series Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return for a new season. That’s great news for MST3K fans, who are set to be treated to a twelfth season of the series in the “not-too-distant future. For Jonah Ray‘s Jonah Heston, […]

Daily Show, President Show, And Drunk History Set For Holiday Specials

The holiday season is a time for giving thanks, a little personal self-reflection and spending time with the family. To insure that we survive the experience, Comedy Central is lining up their heavy-hitters (The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Drunk History and The President Show) for specials to help save us from too much “holiday […]

John Oliver, Wyatt Cenac Developing Late-Night Docuseries For HBO

John Oliver is expanding his creative influence at HBO, with the Emmy award-winning Last Week Tonight host teaming with fellow The Daily Show alum Wyatt Cenac for a new docuseries at the premium cable network. Cenac, Oliver and Ezra Edelman will serve as executive producers; as will Hallie Haglund (The Daily Show), who will also serve […]

Jordan Klepper

The Opposition With Jordan Klepper Gets Its Citizen Journalists

Comedy Central has been trying to fill the half hour slot after The Daily Show for a while now. First there was the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, but that got cancelled. Then @Midnight filled in for a while, but that has come to an end. And the President Show was there, but didn’t seem […]

Pick Your Winners In Bleeding Cool’s 2017 Emmys Poll, And Win A Prize!

So tonight’s the night for the 2017 Primetime Emmy Awards, when the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS) recognizes the best in American primetime television programming — and we get to tell them just how wrong they were and why (insert name here) deserved to be nominated/to win. Okay, maybe it doesn’t always go that […]