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Color Your Own Venom

Get Those Black Crayons Ready for Color Your Own Venom

Marvel’s plan to make colorists obsolete so they have less cover credits to worry about continues in August with a new Color Your Own book, this time featuring everyone’s favorite symbiote-powered anti-hero, Venom. Of course, one wonders just how much coloring is really required when a character’s main color scheme is black and white. You’ll […]

Now Locke & Key Gets A Colouring Book – Shades Of Terror

Adult colouring books are such the rage now. And a number of comic book companies have realised that all they have to do is put out the black-and-white original art from their many, many, many comics and ta da! Instant colouring book. Marvel has even trademarked the phrase “Color Your Own” for this purpose. And […]

Marvel Trademarks ‘Color Your Own’ For Comic Books

The Adult Colouring book boom shows no sign of stopping. They made up five of Amazon’s top 10 sellers last week. Brazil had six in their top 10 non-fiction list. And last year in France, they sold 3.5m of the buggers. We’ve looked at how Marvel are moving into that field. Well, they have plenty of black and white artwork just […]