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Cliff Bleszinski Announces He’s Done With Video Games

According to his own Twitter feed, Cliff Bleszinski is officially done with video games and is leaving the industry permanently. Bleszinski is the former head of Boss Key Productions, who had to shut down earlier this year and put their game Lawbreakers to rest. Apparently, some people took to harassing him on Twitter, which caught his […]

Lawbreakers Could Make It To Xbox One

LawBreakers is coming to PC and PlayStation 4 on August 8, but Cliff Bleszinski’s newest game could make the jump to Xbox One at some point, according to the latest reports. In an interview with IGN at E3, Bleszinski said he wouldn’t rule out the possibility of an Xbox version and explained why LawBreakers is […]

What To Expect In The Beta Of Lawbreakers

The first closed beta test for Cliff Blezsinski‘s upcoming FPS LawBreakers began this week. Players who were part of the Alpha test will find several changes in content including new roles, new maps, and in-game achievements. But what else is new? The mentioned roles are Battle Medic, Juggernaut, and Gunslinger which gives you some nice variation in […]

Cliff Bleszinski’s Lawbreakers Is No Longer Free-To-Play

From my read of the situation, quite a few people were turned off by Lawbreakers when it was announced that the arena shooter was going to be Free-to-Play. It’s worked for games like Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2, but it became apparent to me that people wanted something a little more substantial in a […]

Kojima Asked The Gears Of War Creator To Work On Silent Hills

There aren’t too many ‘household’ names in game development. That comes down to the massive teams that make a game, a lack of personalities and, well a lot of other reasons. However, two that are up there are Hideo Kojima and Gears of War creator, Cliff Bleszinski. It turns out that Kojima asked Blaszinski to […]

LawBreakers Could Still Come To Consoles Says Cliff Bleszinski

I’m fascinated by Lawbreakers. The first person, free to play, moba-like arena shooter is neat looking and its going to be awesome to see playout. I do have a few doubts about the actual level of interest in the title, but when it is free, well, there will always be an audience. The game is […]

Catch 22 Minutes Of LawBreakers Right Here

LawBreakers has been getting a lot of play recently, what with the game’s reveal last week. I think it looks pretty fun and it will be fascinating to see how the free-to-play model breaks down for the title. Seeing if it catches on will be particularly interesting. Well, if you want the best idea of […]

Lawbreakers Would Be Welcome On Xbox One Says Phil Spencer

Lawbreakers‘ gameplay was revealed on Friday, and I thought it looked pretty fun. The free to play game is currently only announced on PC, and is being designed on that infrastructure, but it seems a home on console wouldn’t be out of the question. Specifically, on Xbox One. Talking on Twitter, the head of Xbox […]

Lawbreakers Gets A Gameplay Trailer Showing Off Multiplayer Arena Fight

On Wednesday, Boss Key and Cliff Bleszinski announced their new IP LawBreakers. The announcement trailer didn’t give us a great idea of what to expect out of the franchise, but it did a lot of world building, letting us know about the lore. That has all changed now though, as this new gameplay trailer has […]

Cliff Bleszinski And Boss Key’s New Game Is Called LawBreakers

So here we go. We’d been teased about the reveal of Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski‘s new game all week, and finally it has been revealed. The game is called LawBreakers and it’s an online multiplayer game, set in the world where the moon was destroyed, thus playing havoc with the earth. It seems […]

Cliff Bleszinski And Boss Key’s New Game Gets A Short Teaser

Yesterday, I brought you news that we could expect to see Cliff Bleszinski and Boss Key Studios’s new game get a full reveal this week. I also said that over the next few days, we will get little snippets of Information as part of the prolonged reveal. Well, the first thing from the project has escaped, […]

Cliff Bleszinski’s New Game Is Probably Getting Revealed This Week

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has been toiling away on his new game at Boss Key Studios for a while now, and yet, we’ve only gotten brief glimpses of the free-to-play PC game a few times so far. Publisher of the title, Nexon, look like they are ready to finally reveal the game now […]

Check Out The Short Teaser For Cliff Bleszinski’s Project Bluestreak

Here is another bit of news from PAX East, this time pertaining to Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski’s next project. Boss Key Productions, the studio formed by Bleszinski, has given fans their first ever look at the long talked about Project Bluestreak (working title, I believe) at a PAX panel today. It’s very brief mind. […]