Rob Liefeld Says Goodbye to the X-Men With Love Letter to Claremont/Byrne/Austin

Rob Liefeld vs. the Millennials

Back in September, superstar comic book artist Rob Liefeld found himself under attack by a group of rabid teenagers, fending them off from all sides in a brutal Twitter war. But tangling with Generation Z was just the warmup, as Liefeld found himself this week “besieged” by Millennials for round two of online generational warfare. […]

Jonathan Hickman Doesn't Believe in a Major Part of the Comic Book Industry

Jonathan Hickman Doesn’t Believe in a Major Part of the Comic Book Industry

Jonathan Hickman is an unconventional writer who doesn’t follow the norms. For example, where other writers might write a six-issue series to relaunch the X-Men, Hickman takes the same amount of story and makes it twelve issues. Where other writers might believe that comic books should contain comics, Hickman believes they should contain pages upon […]

Potts Shots: Terminator

Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Reveals Why the Terminator Franchise is Dead

A lot has been said about the failure of Terminator: Dark Fate to perform at the box office. Bleeding Cool’s Adi Tantimedh blames poor word of mouth due to a shocking spoiler about the film you can read about here. Kyle J. Steenblik claims that the original Terminator was never that good in the first […]

Five McDonalds Menu Items The Comics Media Doesn't Want You to Know About

Five McDonalds Menu Items The Comics Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About

Earlier today, ran an article about how to get a discount on McDonalds fries for National French Fry Day today. But why did limit their reporting to french fries? Are they in the pocket of the french fry industrial-complex? The obvious answer is: yes. If you need proof, just look at the defensive […]

5 Sexy Comics Bagging and Boarding Tips for Valentines Day

This Valentines Day, it’s important to show the one you truly love just how much you care with a little bit of sexy special treatment. We’re talking about your comic book collection, lovers! With that in mind, we’ve come up with five helpful and romantic tips for bagging and boarding your comic book on February […]

Spider-Man: The Animated Series Producer Fires Back At Critical Listicle

Spider-Man: The Animated Series producer John Semper Jr. took issue with a listicle published on Comic Book Resources earlier this month naming the “7 Reasons The 90s Spider-Man Cartoon Ruled (And 8 Reasons It Sucked).” Taking to his on-the-nose Facebook page Spider-Man: The Animated Series – Moderated By Producer John Semper Jr., Semper wrote: “I don’t […]

wolverine statue

Fox Out-Clickbaits The Clickbait-Media, Releases Final Logan Trailer One Frame At A Time

In what is perhaps the most brilliant move of the century, Fox has released the final trailer for the final Wolverine movie starring Hugh Jackman, Logan, one frame at a time via it’s own ultimate clickbait website, The story was reported, appropriately enough, on, who tell us that the website forces viewers to […]