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"Thor: Love and Thunder" Taika Waititi Taps Jennifer Kaytin Robinson for Script

Following Taika Waititi's triumphant win for Jojo Rabbit at the Oscars, the director refocused his efforts on his latest Marvel sequel Thor: Love and Thunder. He recruited Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, who wrote and directed Someone Great for Netflix to help him with the script according to Variety. The Success of "Thor: Ragnarok" Marvel Studios made […]

Christian Bale Says Robert Pattinson is a "Good Choice" For Batman

"Batman": Christian Bale Turned Down Fourth Film Because of Nolan

Christian Bale once considered reprising the role of Bruce Wayne for a fourth Batman film. Out of respect for director Christopher Nolan, the actor turned down the offer from Warner Bros. Bale spoke with the Toronto Sun while promoting his latest film, Ford v. Ferrari when the questions eventually turned to his time shooting The […]

Someone Found Footage Of Sunsoft's "The Terminator" NES Game

"Terminator" Ranking the Franchise to "Dark Fate" [OPINION]

With Terminator: Dark Fate's underwhelming performance in the box office, it leaves the state of the franchise with an uncertain future. It's hard to believe the franchise is 35 years old. Here is Bleeding Cool 's ranking of the Terminator films. Terminator Genisys (2015) Directed by Alan Taylor and written by Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick […]

New "Ford v Ferrari" Trailer Teases a Hell of a Race

New "Ford v Ferrari" Trailer Teases a Hell of a Race

There were a lot of awesome movies that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival but one of the movies that got a lot of critical acclaim is the 20th Century Fox racing movie Ford v Ferarri. Ever since the Fox and Disney deal went through its been a bit of an underwhelming year. However, […]

Christian Bale Says Robert Pattinson is a "Good Choice" For Batman

Christian Bale Says Robert Pattinson is a "Good Choice" For Batman

We are continuing the never-ending conversation as to who is going to play Batman in the next big-screen adaptation. We heard back in May that Robert Pattinson was in talks to take on the role of Batman and the news was confirmed by the end of the month. Since then people have been asking former […]

That Time Bruce Wayne Teamed Up With Donald Trump… In Real Life?!

In news you might expect to hear about a particularly gullible toddler and not the President of the United States, actor Christian Bale revealed that President Donald Trump once mistook him for Bruce Wayne, the alter ego of Batman, a fictional character who Bale portrayed in Batman Begins, Batman: The Dark Knight, and Batman: Dark […]

'Spielberg': HBO Releases First Trailer for Steven Spielberg Doc

  For nearly 50 years, Steven Spielberg has changed the way we experience movies. Through films as diverse as Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Schindler's List and Bridge of Spies, Spielberg has mostly let his craft to the talking for him…until now. The director finds himself in front of the camera as the […]

Christian Bale Eying Return To Batman-Like Role In Dick Cheney Biopic

Batman is a superhero published by DC Comics, and Dick Cheney was a Vice President in Washington DC, but the two have far more in common than that when diggiging below the surface. While Cheney was a proponent of sweeping government authority to perform surveillance even on its own citizens, Batman tapped into the cellphones […]

Michael Fassbender Is Like Lucifer (In A New Movie)

Terrence Malick has been writing and directing movies since the late 1960's and he only has twelve directing credits and seventeen for writing. He's a man that likes to take his time so the fact that we're getting a new movie called Weightless from him next year is exciting. We don't know anything about the […]

Christian Bale Thinks He Never Quite Nailed The Batman

While talking with Yahoo! Movies (via Comic Book Movie) about his new film Knight of Cups, former Dark Knight Christian Bale reveals he "didn't quite nail" the twisted character he envisioned for his Batman while playing the part in the Dark Knight trilogy. And, as he explains in the following video, he thought Heath Ledger's […]

Christian Bale Has A Hollywood Breakdown In Knight Of Cups Trailer

Broad Green Pictures has released a trailer for the upcoming Terrence Malick film, Knight of Cups. Christian Bale stars with Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman as Malick brings his sensibility to a Hollywood story. Bale plays a screenwriter living in LA trying sense of the strange events occurring around him … or something. Malick creates […]

Steve Carell & Christian Bale Bet Against The American Economy In The Big Short Trailer

Paramount has released a trailer for December's The Big Short, starring Steve Carell, Christian Bale, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling as four men who saw the coming end of the housing boom and bet on the 2008 economic collapse that followed. [youtube][/youtube] That looks like fun, almost like a heist movie, but the heist was […]

Pitt, Bale And Gosling Sign On For The Big Short is reporting that Brad Pitt is going back to the Money Ball well. Pitt and his Plan B production company are putting together an all-star cast for an adaptation of another Michael Lewis bestseller, The Big Short: Inside The Doomsday Machine. Adam McKay will be directing and writing the adaptation while joining Pitt will be […]

Trailer For Terrence Malick's Knight Of Cups Starring Christian Bale

Writer / Director Terrence Malick (Thin Red Line) has a new film coming out next year and we have a trailer for it. Knight of Cups stars Christian Bale along with Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman, Brian Dennehy, Antonio Banderas, Freida Pinto, Wes Bentley, Isabel Lucas, Teresa Palmer, Imogen Poots, Armin Mueller-Stahl and the voice of Ben Kingsley. […]

Exodus: Gods And Kings – Ready Yourself Trailer

20th Century Fox has released one last trailer for Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods And Kings. The film is a retelling of the Moses vs the Pharaoh of Egypt, though a lot less passive than the version we normal hear. Moses is played by Christain Bale with Joel Egerton as Ramses the Pharaoh. The film also […]

Jack Black Tries To Disguise Himself At Comic-Con

Jack Black talked about his experience at Comic-Con and how he tried to disguise himself as a Stormtrooper. Turns out he collects limited edition figures… And he may have come up with the punch line to the joke: "What do you do if you are on a bad Christian Mingle date?" Get More: Movie Trailers, […]

First Trailer For Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods And Kings

Ridley Scott, the director of Gladiator, is back at it with the epic's in ancient times. Exodus: Gods and Kings tells the story of Moses (Christian Bale) as he tries to lead the Isrealite slaves out of Egypt.  The movie also stars Aaron Paul (Joshua), Joel Edgerton (Rhamses), Sigourney Weaver (Tuya) and Ben Kingsley (Nun) […]