Fallout From Grover/F-Bomb Debacle: Will Sesame Street Get 7 Second Delay?

And after all these years, we thought it was Oscar who had the trash mouth… Apparently nostalgic for the good old days of debating dress colors (don’t act like you weren’t a part of that, too), an already embattled nation found themselves at both a moral and existential crossroads (not sure if that’s even possible, […]

LibraryCon Encourages Libraries to Run Their Own Comic Cons

Yesterday’s recent LibraryCon Live!, a live streaming event from Library Journal and School Library Journal was an attempt at a deeper look into the diverse world of comics in libraries. A virtual convention with comic book publishers, creators and bloggers all working together to promote literacy and storytelling through comics. Here’s how it looked on […]

Hand Out Comics, Not Candy, Tonight

We always have a gaggle of kids at 8 Robin Hood Lane in Kingston Vale, London, every Hallowe’en. Why? Because a few years ago I decided to give out comics books instead of comics, sweets and candy at Hallowe’en. Aiming to rot brains rather than teeth. And while the kids know they can get sweets […]

Kids And Violence In Today’s Comics. Literally, Today’s Comics.

Last night I had a talk with my daughter about not hitting people. “Spider-Man does it” she replied. I explained that Spider-Man was just a fun story, that it isn’t real and that, anyway, Spider-Man was fighting bad guys like thieves and robbers. “But Sally stole my sweets.” I can see the conversations continuing long […]

It’s 2012. Do You Know Where Your Comic Book Children Are?

What is up with children in comic books today? Or, rather, this week? Picking up a few comics and reading them, we have Miles Morales hitting his icon and inspiration with a dabilitating venom sting. The young Talia Al’Ghul taking it out on an innocent tree. And, bloody hell, Hit Girl using an in-teddy beear […]

Countdown To The Eisners – You Know, For Kids

 Countdown To The Eisners by Cameron Hatheway This week is all about the little rascals! The categories I’ll be taking a look at are Best Publication for Early Readers (up to age 7), Best Publication for Kids (ages 8-12), and Best Publication for Young Adults (Ages 12-17). Now these categories might not be so […]

The Beguiling To Open A Comic Shop, You Know, For Kids

Some people are going to be bemused that such a thing even needs to exist. But as Marvel and DC move their superhero comic books to be suitable for a teenage market and older, with their kids line intended to sell in bookstores rather than comic stores, the local comic shop has become a relatively […]