Grabbed By The Long Arm Of The Law, With CBBC’s Sam And Mark

This weekend, I took the girls into London to meet a couple of their television heroes, Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes, better known as Sam & Mark, or even “Smart”, who present a number of shows on the rather popular CBBC TV channel. And who had moved from television into children’s books. Sam & Mark began […]

Danger Mouse Reboot Gets 52-Episode Order, Horrible Histories Writer

It’s been in the works for a while but the official announcement dropped overnight. Danger Mouse is being rebooted by Ireland’s Boulder Media, and Horrible Histories‘ Ben Ward is on board to write the scripts. We don’t know – yet – who will be providing the voices, but that’s already some serious talent behind the […]

Wizards Vs Aliens To Feature Openly Gay Lead Character?

Originally, it was meant to be Sarah Jane Adventures. After a request from the BBC to include gay characters in their series, the producers of SJA decided that Luke, Sarah Jane’s adopted son was intended to come out while at university. However, the death of Elisabeth Sladen and the subsequent cancellation of the show put […]

First Footage From Russell T. Davies’ Wizards Vs. Aliens

Created by Russell T. Davies and Phil Ford, Wizards vs. Aliens is a new, family-friendly sci-fi fantasy for the BBC. Many of the production team of The Sarah Jane Adventures have carried over, including writers Gareth Roberts, Clayton Hickman and Joseph Lidster. It’s being aimed squarely at kids now, more so than families, but wasn’t […]

More Details Of Russell T Davies’ Aliens Vs. Wizards

A new press release from the BBC confirms many details of Russell T Davies and Phil Ford‘s Aliens vs. Wizards as we reported them a couple of weeks back. Here’s how the corp. put it: Aliens Vs Wizards has been created by Russell T Davies and Phil Ford (The Sarah Jane Adventures, Doctor Who) and […]

Bad News And Good News For Children’s TV At The BBC

The BBC have axed their sketch show for kids, Sorry I’ve Got No Head. It was one of those rare programs for kids that simply didn’t condescend them. A lot of adults have claimed that they found it as funny as most sketch shows on prime time and… well, fair enough. I can’t say it […]