Nintendo is Holding a Contest to Win a Labo Cardboard Switch

Nintendo seems to have a lot of Labo news happening today as they’re now holding a contest to win a Nintendo Switch made of cardboard. Well, not really. It looks like cardboard as they’ve created it, the joy-cons, and the dock to all look like it with that special washed-out tan look, but it is […]

Tobey Maguire Could Be Made Of Cardboard

Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool. There are some, though I’m not one, that would suggest Tobey Maguire‘s acting is a little flat. Those folk probably got a little giggle out of the headline. But the laughter should be short lived. Fox’s banner WedgeWorks are optioning Doug TenNapel‘s comic book Cardboard to then be executive […]

Feel The Folds… Star Wars In Cardboard Form

We’ve seen his Doctor Who, his He Man and his DC Superheroes, now let’s take a look at Ryan Hall‘s snowy cardboard display as Snowmen Attack Star Wars in this cardboard display, currently up at  Orbital Comics in London. £25 each. And you don’t get discount for an Ewok.