Captain America Shield

Chris Evans Thinks MIT’s ‘Captain America’ Great Dome Hack “Very Cool”

Avengers fans at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) had an innovative way to celebrate the release of Endgame- hacking the college’s landmark Great Dome to look like Captain America’s signature shield. During opening weekend on April 27th, the pranksters changed the dome after months of work, according to the Boston Globe. The hacker, who […]

Are Disney Parks Planning A Captain America Shield Toss Attraction?

There’s no doubt that Disney is trying to bring more Marvel into their parks. While they can’t go full-on Marvel fanatic in the Orlando park (due to Universal Orlando still having the bulk of the Marvel characters), the other parks are free and clear to bring in whomever they want. In a patent application filed by […]

Hasbro Enters The Role Play Market…Look I’m Captain America!

Jeremy Konrad writes, I have always wanted a Captain America shield. Ever since I was a kid, buying my very first comic, Captain America # 381, and seeing Steve Rogers stand heroically on the cover, throwing the shield through the air, holding it up in triumph; It has called to me. Since the MCU started […]