Advance Review: Five Awesome Things About Paybacks #1

I’ve been waiting for the arrival of Paybacks for some time, and we’ve been teasing it here on Bleeding Cool for almost as long. We were big fans of Buzzkill, the series by Donny Cates, Eliot Rahal, Geoff Shaw, and Lauren Affe that set up some of the tone and especially the humor and art […]

The Bleed 2.10: Reading I Kill Giants With Donny Cates

By Joseph Kyle Schmidt and Samuel Morse The Bleed is a weekly podcast by Bleeding Cool contributors Joe Schmidt and Sam Morse. The podcast consists of the latest news in comics, creator interviews, and a weekly book club discussion. This week we’re reading a classic with up-and-coming badass DONNY CATES! Cates writes titles such as The Ghost Fleet and Buzzkill for Dark Horse Comics with […]

From Donny Cates… What Is Interceptor?

Your guess is as good at ours… Donny Cates is the co-creator of the likes of Buzzkill, Ghost Fleet and The Paybacks for Dark Horse Comics. Could this, by any chance, be the next project he has in mind? Also for Dark Horse, or for someone else? It looks a bit… space-y….  

CatesWatch: The Paybacks, A New Superhero Comic From Dark Horse?

Donny Cates, an ex-Bleeding Cool writer, is a rising star in the comic book scene right now, with Dark Horse having published his recent superhero series Buzzkill, and with trucker conspiracy Ghost Fleet to come. And so now, since he’s moved on from Bleeding Cool, we get to gossip about him. I’ve heard a rumour […]

Bleeding Cool’s 11 Best Comics of 2013

By Rich Johnston and Hannah Means-Shannon In case you haven’t noticed, this is the first year in which Bleeding Cool has done “best of” lists, and there are many reasons for that. In the past, we’ve rightly acknowledged that to single out only a few comics for praise is to exclude others and with comics […]

Valiant Comics Offers A Money Back Guarantee On A Dark Horse Comic That Doesn’t Exist

This isn’t exactly business as usual… Looking for a great book to read? Check out BUZZKILL #5 from @Doncates and @DarkHorseComics ! We’ll even thrown in a money back guarentee! — ValiantComics (@ValiantComics) December 21, 2013 One company liking another company’s comic so much that they offer a money back guarantee. Is this totally from […]

Five Ghosts’ Frank Barbiere Turns Buzzkill’s Donny Cates Into A Pirate?

Twitter sometimes reaches new heights of strangeness on weekends. Today, Frank Barbiere, writer on Image’s Five Ghosts and IRL friend Donny Cates, co-writer on Dark Horse’s Buzzkill were taunting each other about the pirate plots of the new Five Ghosts storyline “Lost Coastlines”. Barbiere asserted that Cates is this salty-language prone pirate (drawn by Five […]

Twenty-One Thoughts About Twenty-One Comics – Uncanny X-Men, Superior Spider-Man, Darkness, Cyberforce, Aphrodite IX, Kiss Me Satan, Buzzkill, Harbinger, Bounce, BPRD, X-Men Legacy, Conan, X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Morbius, Savage Wolverine, Savage Dragon, Zero, Peter Panzerfaust, Morning Glories And Dream Thief

Another week, another lovely pile of comics. We’ve already looked at Villain’s Month and Infinity books, but what else is kicking around today? So… Deadpool no longer thinks he’s in a comic book? It’s a sad, sad future in Uncanny X-Men. By the way, do who have any confirmation on which Jean Grey, the Jean […]

Dark Horse (Super) Powered By Creators At San Diego Comic Con

Joshua Stone writes; The focus of this panel was Dark Horse’s big push back into the superhero business of comic books. The panel featured Tim Seeley and Mike Norton, of The Occultist and Revival, Joe Casey, of Cataclysm Comix and Sex, Joshua Williamson, of Captain Midnight; Donny Cates of Buzzkill, and Duane Swierczynski of X.. […]