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After Twenty Years, Bryan Talbot Brings Back The Legend of Luther Arkwright

After Twenty Years, Bryan Talbot Returns With “The Legend of Luther Arkwright”

The Adventures of Luther Arkwright, is considered by many to be the first British graphic novel. Written and drawn by its creator, the acclaimed graphic novelist Bryan Talbot, it was first serialised in the adult SF comic Near Myths in October 1978, featuring the character Talbot had previously introduced in The Papist Affair in 1976, […]

Dark Horse Joins The Sequential Comics iOS App

The Sequential App is an iOS boutigue digital graphic novel service, curating a number of select graphic novels for a discerning digital purchaser. Fantagraphics, Top Shelf, Knockabout, Blank Slate, Self Made Hero, those are the kind of publishers you expect to find there. Well, now they have sold out to the man. Because they had done […]

Bleeding Cool’s 11 Best Graphic Novels Of 2014

By Rich Johnston and Hannah Means-Shannon Following on from last year’s “Best” lists to create a Bleeding Cool tradition, Rich Johnston and Hannah Means-Shannon put their heads together to pick out the landmark works in the comics medium of 2014, here specifically presenting the best graphic novels. This category has been delineated based on personal […]

Grandville: Noel – The Evil That Unicorns Do

One of my favourite comic book reads in the runup to Christmas has been Grandville: Noel, the fourth volume in Bryan Talbot’s stellar steampunk anthropomorphic detective thriller series. And with this volume, given the title and the time of year, takes on a religious feeling. There’s nothing a new reader needs to know upon reading the book, […]

This Is Bryan Talbot’s World, We’re Just Lucky Enough To Live In It

Bryan Talbot has, in recent years become one of Britain’s most prominent comic book creator, with a Costa Award under his arm for Dotter Of Her Father’s Eyes, recognition of academic institutions for Alice In Sunderland, heading up the Lakes Festival and gaining plenty of coverage in the process. It’s a toss up between him, […]

Things to Do In Birmingham This Summer If You Like Comics

By Olly MacNamee With the summer finally here and the holidays only around the corner, thoughts may very well turn to summer holiday excursions and days out. For me, the highlight of Birmingham’s summer is the welcome return of the much-lamented Birmingham International Comic Expo on Saturday August 2nd. Although, for those of us in […]

Speculator Corner: Luther Arkwright

Rumours of movie adaptations of Bryan Talbot’s Luther Arkwright are in the air again. Bryan Talbot mentioned such mutterings at the British Library launch of Sally Heathcote: Suffragette last week. But for folks searching for early appearances of the character to collect, they are going to have a struggle. The multi-dimensional psychedelic adventurer first appeared […]

Sally Heathcote: Suffragette – The Making Of A Twentieth Century Terrorist

Sally Heathcote never existed. The product of the mind of Mary Talbot, brought to life by Kate Charlesworth and Bryan Talbot in their new graphic novel published by Jonathan Cape and launching at the British Library tonight is a Forest Gump of a figure, a fictional figure surrounded by very real people, at the right […]

Things To Do In London In May If You Like Comics – And The British Library

Well, obviously, there’s the British Library. Do we have to mention Comics Unmasked exhibition again, opening today? Maybe just the bit where they’ve recreated webcomics that are no longer available online, such as Dave McKean first hypertext narrative, or listening to the audio of the Oz obscenity trial. Or wondering what dark forces could be unleashed by […]

Monday Morning Runaround – The Life Of Bryan Talbot

BRYAN SURGERY Here’s the trailer for Graphic Novel Man, the new documentary about Bryan Talbot. [youtube][/youtube] COMMUNITY Dark Horse’s Scott Allie is coming to Northern Essex, to speak to the students. Or anyone else who wants to pop by. Also no one tell Eric Stephenson about that “third” thing… Noted comics writer and editor Scott […]

Reward For Stolen Luther Arkwright Page By Bryan Talbot

Have you seen this page from The Adventures Of Luther Arkwright, by Bryan Talbot? About twenty years ago, it was stolen while on loan for an exhibition. In all that time it’s not resurfaced for sale. It may well be hanging on someone’s wall, sold on from person to person, so Bleeding Cool is asking […]

Bryan Talbot To Draw Sunderland’s Keel Line

Bryan Talbot continues his role as his city’s favourite comic book son as Sunderland City Council is getting him to him to draw the “Keel Line” in their new city-centre square. The Sunderland Echo reports, At 291m the line represents the full length of the Naess Crusader, which is the longest ship ever built in […]

Diving Into The Lakes This Weekend

The BBC gave a rather lovely puff piece for The Lakes Comics Festival beginning on Saturday in the UK, turning the town of Kendal in Cumbria, England, into a comic book international festival. And, apparently, attracting a bunch of academic types. Dr Gibson is one of 50 leading figures from the world of graphic novels […]