Report: WWE to Crossover with Impact Wrestling for Hardy Boyz Blu Ray Footage

It's a moment most probably thought would never come, but it looks like WWE is finally working together with one-time rivals, the promotion formerly known as TNA, Impact Wrestling. WWE Home Video UK, official licensor of WWE home video releases in the UK, has revealed on Twitter that "footage of Impact" will appear on Twist […]

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Delightful! WWE's Ultimate Deletion Will Take Place at the Hardy Compound

Over the weekend, we told you about WWE's cryptic hints that something called "Ultimate Deletion" was in the cards for the feud between Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt, and we speculated, as most probably did, that this could be a sequel to Hardy Compound events filmed for Impact Wrestling such as Final Deletion and Total […]

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Woken Matt Hardy to Stump for Mayoral Candidate Kane at Campaign Event

Knox County mayoral candidate Glenn Jacobs, better known by his pro wrestling alter ego Kane, has another A-list celebrity set to endorse him at a campaign event. Jacobs, a Libertarian running in the Republican primary race, has previously received the endorsements of Senator Rand Paul and former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan, though Jacobs later chokeslammed Bryan […]

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Obsessed with Cake, John Cena's Dad Says Woken Matt Hardy Sucks

John Cena's dad, John Cena Sr., is back at it again, talking trash about WWE wrestlers. Cena was interviewed (by his own website) once again, and this time, instead of running down Jinder Mahal, Charlotte Flair, and Alexa Bliss, his rage was focused on one single talent: Matt Hardy. Hardy recently won back the right […]

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WWE Superstar Matt Hardy is Woken on Christmas Eve

In what some might call a Christmas miracle, Matt Hardy finally regained the ability to use his Broken character developed during his time in Impact Wrestling, just in time for the holidays. Hardy's new character isn't exactly "Broken," however. Instead, Hardy is "Woken," though it's basically the same thing. Hardy took to YouTube to post […]

Matt Hardy Was Fully Woken on Monday Night Raw Last Night

Woken Matt Hardy, we knew you'd come! Months of Twitter drama culminated last night as Matt Hardy appeared fully in character using his Broken gimmick, for which he and his wife Reby Hardy have been fighting with former employers Impact Wrestling over since early in 2017. Well, sort of. Hardy's new character is "Woken" instead […]

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Matt Hardy Is More "Woken" Than Ever in New Video on WWE Instagram

Matt Hardy's transformation into "Woken" Matt Hardy is nearly complete. Following reports that WWE was planning to create a new character for Hardy, with new character here defined as a character exactly the same as Hardy's "Broken" character from Impact Wrestling except owned by WWE, the pro wrestling company has posted a video of Hardy […]

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2 Major Wrestling Stars Teasing WWE Debut

For fans of pro wrestling, there's no greater time than right before the debut or return of a wrestling superstar in WWE. It's a time of possibility, where anything can happen, and we can believe that WWE will handle the debut competently and produce exciting television filled with satisfying moments, before all of that is […]

Delightful! Matt Hardy Has Won The War With Impact Over Broken Gimmick

Fans watching WWE Raw on Monday might have noticed something a little off about Matt Hardy after he lost to Bray Wyatt in a match. As the crowd chanted his name, Hardy seemed compelled to shout a familiar catchphrase: DELETE! Is something going on with @MATTHARDYBRAND? #RAW — WWE (@WWE) November 28, 2017 Of […]


Restaurant Jimmy's Seafood Sides With Hardys, Disses GFW Over Broken Trademark

In the ongoing legal battle over the rights to the Broken Matt Hardy pro wrestling gimmick, Baltimore Seafood restaurant Jimmy's Famous Seafood has weighed in, firmly on Team Hardy. Hardy legal counsel and wife of Matt Hardy, Reby Hardy, revealed a private Twitter conversation between the restaurant and the official Impact Wrestling account in which […]

Matt Hardy Broken Battle Not Done As Impact Wrestling Files Trademark Claim

Last month, it was looking likely that Matt Hardy could be Broken once more soon in WWE. Rumors on wrestling dirt sheets said WWE was looking to purchase the Broken gimmick from Impact Wrestling, as Hardy has been in an ongoing legal feud over the trademark mostly playing out via his wife Reby Hardy's Twitter […]


Is Matt Hardy Teasing The Return Of The Broken Gimmick?

Since The Hardys rejoined WWE at Wrestlemania, fans have been waiting for them to reprise the "Broken" gimmick that served as one of the high points of Impact Wrestling in 2016 while making due with what is hopefully a temporary nostalgia tour for the pro wrestling veterans. While the Broken gimmick has tied up in a […]

Reby Hardy Files New Twitter Brief In Feud With TNA Over Broken Hardys Trademarks

Pro wrestling organization TNA is currently involved in a battle with its former talent, pro wrestlers Matt and Jeff Hardy, over their BROKEN gimmick. The gimmick was one of the few bright spots of an otherwise dismal 2016 that saw the company almost taken over by Smashing Pumpkins vocalist Billy Corgan before finally being actually taken over by Anthem Sports […]