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Brendon Connelly Departs Bleeding Cool – A Look Back At His Best Moments

Brendon Connelly, for four years our muppet-loving Head Film Writer at Bleeding Cool, will be moving on from our ranks to pursue other opportunities, and we wish him all the best after his long service and thank him for his wit and insights along the way. [Brendan McCarthy and Brendon Connelly] Head Comics Writer and […]

BCM Now Offering Half-Page Ad Space – Updated

Comic creators, film producers, convention organizers, toy makers… lend me your ears. (Yeah, I went there.) I’ve done a few articles so far about advertising on Bleeding Cool or in Bleeding Cool Magazine. I’ve talked about the incredible reach of both the website and the print version and I let you know that there are […]

Bleeding Cool Magazine #12 Solicitation

Here is what you’ve got coming up from us as we prepare you for the season of screams. Plus check out that awesome Hellraiser cover. BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE #12 Retail Price: $4.99 US Full Color, 104 pages PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  RICH JOHNSTON gets readers ready for Halloween horrors with real life ghost stories from the comic […]

What Does Having An Editor-in-Chief At Bleeding Cool Mean?

Greetings, Bleeding Coolers. Hannah Means-Shannon here. Firstly, let me explain that in the absence of any obvious thematic images to use for this post, I’ve elected to use some panels from Journey into Mystery. Just because. I’ve been writing for the site for a while, so it’s not like this is a first meeting. I’ve […]

Avatar Press Announces Bleeding Cool’s First Editor-in-Chief, Hannah Means-Shannon

This was Doctor Hannah Means-Shannon’s first article for Bleeding Cool, eight months ago: “Feeling Giant, Intellectual Things At An Evening With Neil Gaiman And Amanda Palmer“.  A lot has happened since then. English professor and speaker of more languages than you thought existed, she has covered conventions across the country for Bleeding Cool, interviewed and […]

It’s Adventure Time With Bleeding Cool Magazine!

Start the new year off right with Bleeding Cool Magazine #9! This month the focus is on all-ages comics including Adventure Time from Boom! Studios, the upcoming events of 2014 that will change the comic world, a Watchman retrospective and all the latest happenings from Hollywood. Order the 100-pages of exclusive, not-available-on-the web content now! […]

Leaving On A Jet Plane. Won’t Be Back Till Sometime Next Week.

There we are. Brendon and me, on the British Airways flight to Los Angeles. Don’t I look patriotic? Doesn’t Brendon look like a Tim Burton character? We’ll be whizzing from there to San Diego for the show, and then back to LA for a couple of days if any West Coasters fancy meeting up after […]

The Women And Men Of Bleeding Cool At San Diego Comic Con

These are just a few of the women and men who are writing for Bleeding Cool from San Diego Comic Con this coming week. Stop them and say hello… especially if you have a story to share! Rich Johnston. Founder of Bleeding Cool and the face of the website. Please don’t hit it. He’ll be […]

Bleeding Cool’s Brendon Connelly Wins A Sony Radio Award

So, there’s a title up there in the third person. That’s awkward enough, and now I’m about to start tooting my own horn so things good get pretty queasy. But this is probably the kind of thing I should tell you. Everybody says so. I won a Sony Radio Award this week. The big industry […]

Get Ready for… Bleeding Cool Magazine!

Bleeding Cool, the premiere source for breaking news and gossip in the comic book industry (, will launch its own print magazine beginning in May 2012. Featuring editorial contributions from blog founder Rich Johnston, Bleeding Cool Magazine will debut with an introductory #0 issue in late May, its worldwide in-store release coinciding with the Phoenix […]

Monday DVD And Blu-Ray Review – Jane Eyre And From Prada To Nada

After Sophie had a week off for “baby stuff”, the Monday DVD and Blu-ray review returned to Glide FM in its normal form this morning. Which essentially meant me leaving out key bits of information but leaving in too many daft jokes. I also appear to suggest that the inclusion of Michael Fassbender instantly gives […]

A Bleeding Cool Video Christmas

Here are some videos of Christmas Past, featuring contributions of some sort by Richard or myself. I’m not sure what the Christmas number one is this year, but I know what it isn’t. The Twelve Days of Christmas kick off… today? Or was it yesterday? Either way, you might be advised to not celebrate them […]

Inception In Sixty Seconds And In Victorian Paper Cut Outs

Here is a version of Inception that even our resident film writer Brendon Connelly might appreciate, in that it’s over in a lot less time. And has animation reminicent of his god Terry Gilliam. I’m sure he’ll be along soon to confirm but for now, here is Wolfgang Matzl‘s entry to the Done In 60 […]

Bleeding Ears: The Bleeding Cool Podcast

At a Ben And Jerry’s concession stand, in the corner of London’s Leicester Square sat Rich Johnston and SlashFilm’s Brendon Connelly. With a laptop. And an unreliable microphone. What would happen next? Could this be the first in a series of Bleeding Cool podcast things? Yes, yes it could. Talking about embargos, of all things. […]