The View From Comics Village – 20 Cosplay Photos From MCM Birmingham 2017

This was my first time exhibiting at this particular MCM, held in the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK. Indeed, it was my first time exhibiting in Birmingham, period. So this was very much an experiment for me to see how it does and how the con is. I had some inkling. Every previous MCM […]

Meet Merida – Once Upon A Time Gets Brave

As we learned over the weekend, the new season of Once Upon A Time will be gaining a certain red-headed bow-slinger from the animated film Brave. ABC has released this first look at Amy Manson playing Merida. Once Upon A Time returns September 27th to ABC. [youtube][/youtube]

John Lasseter’s Personal Tribute To Steve Jobs

Today sees the release of Pixar’s bright and charming Brave, a wonderful fable about some small, intimate character moments against a typically gorgeous visual backdrop. We’ve already talked about the film a fair amount, and we’ll be talking about it plenty more as the day and week go on, but I thought it might be […]

VIDEO: Triple Play, A Side Story To Pixar’s Brave

This is not a clip from Brave, but a side story, featuring Merida’s family and some of the supporting cast. I wonder if there’s any more of these “extra scenes” to come? This was certainly a lot nicer than the spoof commercials that the studio has been releasing lately. We’re less than ten hours away […]

New TV Spot For Brave Throws Some Fresh Elements Into The Cauldron

Look closely and you’ll divine some bits and pieces of where Pixar’s Brave will be heading in its later sequences. Pay less attention and you’ll still see some ideas that were kept out of the main, theatrical trailers – there’s even a bit of Julie Walters’ largely secret but thoroughly instrumental old witch character here, […]

BC Mag #0: Summer Blockbusters [UPDATED]

Bleeding Cool Magazine Article By Brendon Connelly It all started in 1975. Before then, people would rather get some sun in the summertime, maybe even go swimming.But then Jaws gave us all two good reasons to stay off the beaches. Spielberg’s record breaker managed to hold onto the number one slot for 14 straight weeks […]

Brave Clip Called Tart Thieves Offers Up A Sweet Pie Heist

This clip is short and to the point, and shows off the silent comedy stylings of Pixar’s Brave, one of its hitherto undersold aspects of appeal. There’s a lot more to Brave than the trailers have let on. I’ve yet to see how it all resolves, but pending a good pay-off, I think this is […]

Another Trailer For Pixar’s Brave, And A Nice New Clip Too

I wrote a few words about Pixar’s Brave for Bleeding Cool magazine at the end of last week. Not many words, mind, but a little something about the thirty-minute preview of the film I saw last month. Basically, I was saying that it looks really great. And a bit like a Ghibli film. This new […]

More From Pixar’s Brave – Meet The Triplets

Here’s more from Pixar’s Brave. In this promo you’ll meet Merida’s three little brothers – Hamish, Harris and Hubert. That last name, you may have noticed, is distinctly not Scottish. This ruffled a few feathers at a preview for the film I attended recently. A few proud Scottish feathers, but I did screw my half-Irish […]

Yes, The Pizza Planet Truck Is In Brave, And That’s Not All

There are lots of Pixar traditions, from the regular casting of John Ratzenberger to the repeated appearance of A113, the number of the classroom where John Lasseter studied at CalArts. One such recurring Easter Egg is the Pizza Planet truck, as first featured in Toy Story. There’s been some speculation as to whether or not […]