Time Warner Partners With Snapchat For Original Programming

Looking to rebound financially since going public in March and looking to expand Snapchat‘s reputation beyond just funny filters, Snap announced on Monday that it has entered into a $100 million original programming development deal with Time Warner. Both companies are committed to developing up to 10 shows per year that would include a mix […]

SNL Takes Boycotting Donald Trump To An Extreme For Snapchat

Remember when Snapchat was just a way to send somebody an image that would then delete itself? Now Snapchat has deals with multiple studios to produce content for them. Saturday Night Live has just unveiled their first Snapchat short called Boycott. The first SNL Stories was written by Chris Kelly, Sarah Schneider and Aidy Bryant […]

Boycotting Marvel Comics: What Are We Willing To Risk To Make A Point?

Imagine, for a moment, that you’re a cashier in a grocery store. You’re minding your own business one day, just doing your job, when a customer storms in. They are mad because the price of milk has gone up and they don’t want to pay that much. They yell and scream and no matter what […]

French Publishers To Boycott Angoulême Unless Changes Are Made

After a number of embarrassing events in recent weeks, a conglomerate of large and small publishers have called for the Angoulême festival to undergo a radical overhaul supervised by someone appointed by the Minister of Culture. In a statement released yesterday, 41 comic book publishers announced that they have decided not to participate next year if a change […]

The Orson Scott Card Story Is Not Going Away – Firing Petition Tops 6,000

From The Guardian to Boing Boing to Huffington Post, the debate syrrounding the appointment of Orson Scott Card to write a chapter of Superman Adventures continues. Here’s a few prominent examples of the commentary being generated. Ben Bates, The Gutters Martha Thomase, ComicMix If one doesn’t like a creator’s politics, one is free to institute […]

Campaign To Get Orson Scott Card Fired From Superman Begins

What if Jack Chick wrote Superman? Courtesy of Kat Rocha. So, yesterday I wrote an article in response to requests I’d had to promote an organised campaign to boycott DC, Superman and to get Orson Scott Card fired off the Superman Adventures book for being an anti-gay marriage activist and holding virulent homphobic views. Instead […]

Steve Bissette Calls For Action Against Marvel Over Jack Kirby Case

Steve Bissette has been writing about the Jack Kirby Vs Marvel case and its wider implications, legally and morally. And in doing so has called on a boycott for anyone buying work based on anything created or co-created by Jack Kirby at Marvel. So he’s created a veritable manifesto for change, first on Facebook, then […]