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“El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie”: Aaron Paul Assigns Some “Homework” [VIDEO]

After months of rumors, mindless speculation, and several instances of serious misdirection, Breaking Bad fans finally received the news they were waiting for: Vince Gilligan is returning to tell one more (???) tale with El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. Written and directed by Gilligan and set to premiere on Netflix on October 11, the […]

Breaking Bad: Bryan Cranston Confirms Work Underway on Film

As the Blue Sky continues to turn… As AMC and show creator Vince Gilligan continue hiding out in their “cones of silence,” it looks like we’re getting an official confirmation of a Breaking Bad film from a very reliable source: Bryan Cranston aka Walter White aka Heisenberg. Calling into sports and pop culture program The […]

Blockheads, Snoopy And More In New Peanuts Trailer

A new trailer for The Peanuts Movie has been released. Based on the Charles Schulz comic strip, it features all the favorite characters including good ol’ Charlie Brown. Yes, good ol’ Charlie Brown. How I hate him! Produced by 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios, the film transforms Schulz’s characters into larger than life […]

First Look At Charlie Brown And Snoopy In The New, CG Peanuts Movie

This is, if nothing else, a rather unusual look. There’s a rather more simple texture to the CG than in many recent movies, and then there’s a very pen-like line style over the top. All things considered, it’s not scary. Peanuts is very precious to me, and I’m hoping for a film that I can […]

Can’t Wait for Rio 2? Papercutz Has A Graphic Novel For You!

Fans of the animated film Rio will be getting a double douse of their favorite characters starting in March as Papercutz introduces a new line of graphic novels that will be followed a month later by the theatrical release of Rio 2. Papercutz, the industry’s leading children’s graphic novel publisher, will introduce fans to the […]

Fox Have Gotten Hold Of Dreamworks Animation

In 2006, Dreamworks Animation struck up a distribution deal with Paramount that gave the studio distribution rights to their titles until either the end of 2012 or they had released thirteen more pictures, whichever came first. Recently, they’ve been looking to make the next deal, securing distribution for their pictures from next year on out. […]

First Trailer For Miniature War Film, Epic

It’s Epic, has miniature proportions. Originally titled The Leaf Men, and based on William Joyce‘s book, Epic is an upcoming animated adventure film from Blue Sky, the makers of the Ice Age films and Rio. This trailer plays like a cross between The Guardians of Ga’Hoole and Avatar (by which I almost mean Ferngully), with […]

Actually Funny Teaser Clip For Ice Age Spin-Off, Scrat’s Continental Crack-Up

When the next Ice Age movie comes along in 2012, it will tell a tale set against the collapse of the single continent, Pangaea, into separate land-masses, as signaled by it’s subtitle, Continental Drift. It looks like the new Scrat short will provide the catalyst for this global event and, who’d have thunk it, the […]