The Wandering Earth is a Sign of the Global Appeal of Science Fiction Movies

The Wandering Earth, China’s first big budget Science Fiction blockbuster movie, is a runaway success. AS of this week, it’s earned over $600 million at the Chinese box office and $5 million from its limited US release over 22 cities. The movie, an adaptation of Liu Cixin’s novella about a future where humanity works together […]

Nightwing #24

Nightwing #24 Review: Nightwing Runs The Gauntlet

Having been led into a trap by Blockbuster, Nightwing is trapped in a massive submarine being hunted by a number of known villains enlisted by Blockbuster and his compatriot, Tiger Shark (not that one). They are all being offered weapons to kill Nightwing. He is just trying to make it out alive. Action! The premise […]