Red Band Trailer For Blitz – Statham, Considine, Swear Words And Fights

Blitz was written by Nathan Parker, the screenwriter of Moon, directed by Elliott Lesser, whose Love is the Drug I have not seen, and stars Paddy Considine and Jason Statham. Between the four of them they've rounded up a whole heap of swears, smothered them in some dirty fighting and stuffed this Red Band trailer […]

Blitz Trailer – Paddy Considine, Jason Statham And The Screenwriter Of Moon

Here comes your first spritz of Blitz. This is our second trailer for a film based upon the works of Ken Bruen today*. I'm a bit jollier this time, though, as this comes from Nathan Parker, the screenwriter of Moon. Amongst the cast are Paddy Considine and David Morrissey and… um… The Stath. The director […]