Meredith and David Finch Are Adapting The Book Of Ruth to Comics

Meredith Finch is Adapting The Book Of Ruth to Comics

  Meredith Finch, writer on Wonder Woman, Rose, Little Mermaid, Xena: Warrior Princess and recently Conan: Age Of Valeria for Marvel has a new project with Colin Dyer of Pucker Value and Golem Of South Florida. A new adaptation of The Book Of Ruth. Meredith tells me, while the book itself is an adaptation of the […]

‘Lucifer’ Season 4: Guess Who’s Back This May? [TEASER]

Proving you can’t keep a good fallen angel down, Tom Ellis‘ “Deeevulll!” is ready to rise from the ashes of cancellation on May 8th as Lucifer readies its 10-episode fourth season gospel for Netflix – and they found a very eyeball-gathering way of getting you to notice. In the video below, Ellis’ Lucifer Morningstar almost […]

Dark Ark #5 cover by Juan Doe

Dark Ark #5 Review: How We Look in the Eyes of the Divine

The Angels of God have arrived on Shrae’s Dark Ark. What is feared to be divine judgement is quickly revealed to be nothing more than a cosmic mistake. The angelic host mistook Shrae for Noah. The latter prayed for God’s help, and the angels went to Shrae thinking he was Noah. Shrae must send these […]

Bible Stories For Atheists, Creationists, Rationalists And Rogues

By Tzvi Lebetkin. On sale now from I like my stories BIG. Hell, I like everything big – but mostly I like my stories to be big. I like my characters to be flawed and real, and if you put the two together you have big, epic stories, that you intimately care about. Let’s rewind […]

Friday Runaround – Are You Heavy Metal Material?

BackWatch: Heavy Metal Magazine needs three back covers. Think you’re up for the job? Dave Elliott writes; We need three pieces of artwork from three different artists one for each of the three different editions that are going to press at the end of May. This is a real chance to show off those mad […]

Russell Crowe Ironing Out A Deal To Board The Ark For Darren Aronofsky

It’s been a while since we heard he was interested in the project, but Russell Crowe is finally locking down his deal to play Noah for Darren Aronofsky. Here’s how the director has described the character previously: Noah was the first person to plant vineyards and drink wine and get drunk. It’s there in the […]