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Tales of Mr. Rhee Vol. 4 Cover Templesmith

You Only Have One Week Left To Grab The Tales Of Mr. Rhee Vol. 4 Hardcover

Tales of Mr. Rhee is a fun horror series of graphic novels written by one Dirk Manning. Mr. Rhee is a pretty cool character, a magician who helps fix problems in a world already torn apart by armageddon. He only works on referrals, but if you are calling on him for his services, chances are […]

IDW Reboots 30 Days Of Night In December With Niles, Kowalski, Templesmith, And Wood

The classic 2002 three-issue horror series by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith that spawned numerous follow-ups and two feature films is getting a reboot in December. Steve Niles will return to write the series, and Ben Templesmith will draw covers along with original cover artist Ashley Wood, while Piotr Kowalski takes on interior art in what is being […]

Rich Johnston At The London Film And Comic Con Tomorrow, Table 38

Tony Lee talked about running the comic book side of the London Film And Comic Con on Bleeding Cool yesterday. Well, it seems that I am going to be giving him an even greater headache. I will be at the London Film And Comic Con as a guest. I’ll have a table and everything. But it […]

30 Days Of Night, A Comic That Changed The Industry, Turns 15

Time moves so damn fast. Seems like it was just yesterday that the world was worried about Y2K, now juniors in high school were born after we switched centuries. The first comic I ever had published was over twenty years ago… and I could keep going on things that will make us all feel old, […]

30 Days Of Night – 24 Trades Of Christmas

As we make this trip down Graphic Novel lane for the holidays, I don’t want to leave out horror fans and one of the best horror series of the 2000’s was a book that not only helped put a publisher on the map but also changed how the industry worked in someways. 30 Days of […]

What’s Eating Evil Ernie?

The funny thing about the comic industry is that, you never know what is going to take off and what isn’t. Sometimes you see a book and you think, “this is going to do well”, and it doesn’t. Back in May I did a story about a new Evil Ernie: Godeater series from Dynamite. I […]

Wear Ben Templesmith’s Demons Tight Against Your Skin

Ben Templesmith has launched the latest line of clothing using his designs at They will be able to sell on-line until July 10th until they disappear forever. Leggings, dresses, including longer styles, and T-shirts.   Perfect convention clobber?    

Things To Do In Burbank Sunday If You Like Comics, Buffy Or Horror

Fans of Buffy, horror or comics may be interested in this. Amber Benson is going to be signing at Dark Delicacies on Sunday January 10th at 2 pm. Amber is probably best known for her role as Tara Maclay on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She has also written comics including Shadowplay with Ben […]

Welcome To Wessex – Ben Templesmith’s New Saxploitation Comic #TBF15

Over on Ben Templesmith‘s Patreon page, he mentions, amongst other books, that he is working on a new one shot comic called Welcome To Wessex. I met up with Ben at Thought Bubble in Leeds and he told me that it’s what he calls a “saxploitation” comic book, nothing to do with the instrument, but […]

Ben Templesmith Talks Tip Jar Economics And Comic Book Creators

Ben Templesmith posted on Facebook, There’s a fair bit of discussion these days about paying for autographs and such. I know a few pros have been making it pretty much mandatory at shows for a long time, some advocate others to do it, some are considering it, and some are adamantly against it. I think […]

Ben Templesmith Drawing Batman

Ben Templesmith, co-creator on 30 Days of Night as well as having drawn Gotham By Midnight, has posted this little instagram video showing how he makes his art with a Batman piece.   It's #saturdaybaturday 17! Bruce had some bad LSD. Original art now up at #art #comics #cosplay #batman #bignaturals #horror #beleiber #kanyewest […]

Volunteers Are The Heart And Soul Of MSP Comic Con In Minnesota

By Jason Strangis From the humble beginnings of a small one-day spring comic book show in Maplewood, Minnesota, the MSP Comic Con (formerly “Springcon”) has now become a popular show attracting thousands of fans to the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand facility. This year’s spring show was held the weekend of May 16-17. Popular writer/artist and […]

Go Ask Alyss… Why Is The Hatter Mad?

Frank Beddor writes for Bleeding Cool:  Shatterpated! Barmy! Raving! Amok! Berserk! I love the smell of madness in the morning. The popularity of “Alice in Wonderland” has endured for 150 years and been read by generations, so it understandably captures a large part of our shared imaginative history. And it’s not just books, film and […]

Ben Templesmith Launches… HP Lovecraft’s Dagon (UPDATE)

UPDATE: And here it is! Ben Templesmith has told recipients of his mailing list about his next project. Dagon. Adapting the story by HP Lovecraft. DAGON is the first Lovecraft story I ever read. It’s also one of his earlier ones, is public domain, deals with things dear to my squidly heart… and is just […]

Preview Of Gotham By Midnight #3 By Fawkes And Templesmith

Okay, I’ll admit it… I love seeing Ben Templesmith’s art on a DC Batman title. Ben brings such an amazing mood to his work that I think goes so well with the darker side of the Dark Knight. The third issue of Gotham By Midnight comes out tomorrow and here are some preview pages for […]

IDW And Farrago Team Up To Host Free Digital Comics Via App

You may have heard of the Farrago Comics App that’s something like the Spotify of digital comics. Top Cow, Desperado, and a large number of indie creators have already announced that they’re working with Farrago to host digital comics, and IDW has now joined up as well. Farrago Comics is a free app that specializes […]

Gotham By Midnight – A Festivus For The Rest Of Us

From the title, some may deduce what I’m about to say here about the glorious arrival of Gotham by Midnight. Recently, at the Gotham panel at Thought Bubble in the UK, the creative teams behind Gotham Academy, Batgirl, and Batman talked about the “studio feel” of this new corner of the Gotham universe, including Gotham […]