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"Dead By Daylight" Shows Off New Killer With The Oni

“Dead By Daylight” Shows Off New Killer With The Oni

Well, that looks terrifying! Behaviour Interactive dropped a new killer trailer for Dead By Daylight this morning, showing off The Oni. The trailer below shows off only an introduction to the character, as well as a new survivor. The survivor on the boke is named Kimura Yui, and looks like someone you would see racing […]

Dead by Daylight | The Archives Trailer

“Dead By Daylight” Announces The Archives Are Coming

Behaviour Interactive is about to add some lore to Dead By Daylight, as the company announced a new addition on the way with The Archives. The addition is meant to add an entirely new experience to the game for all players, whether you enjoy killer or survivor roles. The shorthand to this is that you […]

Behaviour Interactive Announces "Game Of Thrones: Beyond The Wall"

“Game Of Thrones: Beyond The Wall” Gets Some Character Reveals

Behaviour Interactive, GAEA, and HBO all revealed today a couple of characters appearing in the upcoming game Game Of Thrones: Beyond The Wall. Aside from the fact that we know the game will have Jaime Lannister, Tormund Giantsbane, and Melisandre included in the game, we now have stats and abilities on Daenerys Targaryen and John […]

"Stranger Things" Is Officially Coming To "Dead By Daylight"

“Stranger Things” Content Will Be Added To “Dead By Daylight” Next Week

Those of you wondering when Behaviour Interactive will finally add the Stranger Things content to Dead By Daylight, wonder no more! For the past few weeks, the content has been sitting in the test servers as people have been able to play in the Hawkins National Laboratory: The Underground Complex. The devs have been testing […]

"Stranger Things" Is Officially Coming To "Dead By Daylight"

“Stranger Things” Is Officially Coming To “Dead By Daylight”

Warm up your Eggos and grab your dice, as Behaviour Interactive and Netflix both officially announced Stranger Things is coming to Dead By Daylight. The latest chapter will take you to the underground lab in Hawkins as you will run around fixing generators as either Nancy Wheeler orSteve Harrington in the survivor roles. Meanwhile, fans […]

Behaviour Interactive Announces "Game Of Thrones: Beyond The Wall"

Behaviour Interactive Announces “Game Of Thrones: Beyond The Wall”

We got a bit of a surprise announcement this morning from Behaviour Interactive and HBO as they’ve announced Game Of Thrones: Beyond The Wall. The developers of Deathgarden and Dead By Daylight have put together a mobile game based on the acclaimed series, which you can pre-register for on Google Play, the App Store, or […]

Behaviour Interactive Announces "Dead By Daylight" For Mobile

Behaviour Interactive Announces “Dead By Daylight” For Mobile

This morning, Behaviour Interactive officially announced that they would be launching Dead By Daylight Mobile sometime later this year. The company made the announcement pretty brief buy laid out the details players wanted to know along with a trailer showing it in action. You can check out a couple of the FAQ questions here along […]

Dead By Daylight Celebrates Third Anniversary With Ghost Face Killer

Ghost Face Is Now Officially Available In “Dead By Daylight”

Those of you who adore the Scream movies will be happy to know that the Ghost Face killer has officially been added to Dead By Daylight today. You can read more about his powers and abilities that were refined int he test servers here, but as far as playing as the character, you can jump […]

Deathgarden: Bloodharvest has Re-Launched on Steam

Deathgarden: Bloodharvest has Re-Launched on Steam

Behaviour Interactive, the folks who brought you Dead by Daylight, have re-launched their multiplayer survival action title Deathgarden. Retitled to reflect nearly one year of behind-the-scenes work redesigning and rebuilding the title from the ground up, Deathgarden: Bloodharvest finds players in a dark and divided future. Only those deemed worthy are granted entrance to the Enclave, […]

Dead By Daylight Celebrates Third Anniversary With Ghost Face Killer

Dead By Daylight Celebrates Third Anniversary With Ghost Face Killer

Behaviour Interactive rolled out some big announcements today for Dead By Daylight‘s third anniversary, including adding their next killer to the game. The company started off by announcing that there would be a livestream happening on their YouTube and Twitch channels on May 31st at 3pm EDT where they will outline all of the details […]

Dead By Daylight Introduces Endgame Collapse Into The Game

Dead By Daylight Introduces Endgame Collapse Into The Game

Have you ever been playing a game of Dead By Daylight where the survivors or killer decide they’re just going to mess around for points or to troll each other? Those matches never seem to end, do they? Well, apparently that’s been a sticking point in the forums for a while now, so Behaviour Interactive […]

Dead By Daylight Offers a Developer Update

Dead By Daylight Offers a Developer Update With Bug Fixes

Behaviour Interactive has decided to address some of the biggest complaints in Dead By Daylight in the latest Developer Update for April 2019. The company did acknowledge some areas that they are working on, which includes the infinite loading screen, matchmaking issues, and dealing with games that have less than five players. However, some of […]

Dead By Daylight Releases “Demise Of The Faithful” Additions

Behaviour Interactive has officially released their latest killer chapter into Dead By Daylight as you can now play “Demise Of The Faithful”. The killer in this one looks and feels super OP based on the way she is played, which feels like a combination of the Doctor and the Clown. We’ll see how well they […]

Dead By Daylight is Coming to the Nintendo Switch This Fall

In a rather shocking addition during the Nintendo Direct feed, we learned that Behaviour Interactive will bring Dead By Daylight to the Nintendo Switch. We say shocking because, let’s be honest here, this is a game about stalking people and murdering a team in cold blood. Not exactly the game you would expect to see on a […]

Behaviour Interactive Will Fix the Broken Dead By Daylight Sounds

Ever since the latest update went into effect on Dead By Daylight, players playing as the killer have noticed the game just got a little harder–but not by anything intentional on the developer’s part. People on social media and Twitch have been openly complaining about the sudden loss of sounds within the game, making it […]

Dead By Daylight’s Darkness Among Us Launches in December

Dead By Daylight has released more details about Chapter 10, Darkness Among Us, which will officially be added to the game on December 11th. Along with the details below, the company also announced that new dedicated servers were being contributed to the game to kill off the lag factor and get matches rolling faster, as […]

Dead by Daylight’s Shattered Bloodline DLC is Now Live

Behaviour Digital has released the ninth chapter of asymmetrical survival-horror game Dead by Daylight, which is called Shattered Bloodline. As is typical with a Dead by Daylight DLC, Shattered Bloodline comes with a new map, killer, and survivor. Alongside the new DLC, Behaviour Digital also announced that Dead by Daylight has reached 5 million copies worldwide. The new killer for Shattered […]

Deathgarden is Perfectly Balanced, Even if It Lacks Proper Matchmaking

During the ID@Xbox PAX West showcase, we got a chance to swing by and check in with Behaviour Interactive and Deathgarden. The demo build available at PAX this weekend is a newer, smoother version than we saw in the last test phase. That said, many of the game basics are the same, and they won’t be […]

Dead by Daylight japan

Dead By Daylight Teases Japanese Culture for Next Killer

Behaviour Interactive decided to tease their next killer coming to Dead By Daylight this morning, and this one actually scares the hell out of us. The company released this image and the teaser trailer for a new killer on the way this season, with clear roots in Japanese culture based on the look and materials […]