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Batwoman Beyond Means Batman Beyond #37 Gets a Second Printing

Batwoman Beyond Means Batman Beyond #37 Gets a Second Printing

The debut of a “Beyond” version of Batwoman in the pages of Batman Beyond #37 was a big hit with comic book readers when it went on sale October 23rd from DC Comics. Copies have been selling on eBay for up to twenty bucks as a result. So clearly DC Comics wants a bit of […]

Is There An Earlier First Appearance Of Luke Fox?

Is There An Earlier First Appearance Of Luke Fox Than Batwing #19?

Last week, Bleeding Cool broke the story that DC Comics is planning for a new Batman to take the place of Bruce Wayne in the summer of 2020 going on into 2021. That DC Comics editorial had decided it be a black gentleman. And that while candidates included Mr Terrific, a depowered Black Lightning or […]

Batman Beyond #35

Has Batman Gone Bad in This EXCLUSIVE Preview of Batman Beyond #35?!

Batman Beyond #35 is in stores from DC Comics next week, by the creative team of writer Dan Jurgens and artists Rick Leonardi and Ande Parks. Throughout the weekend and early next week, DC Comics will hand an EX-X-XCLUSIVE preview of this and other comics to one of their compliant media partners, part of the secret […]

Sideshow Collectibles Brings Batman Beyond To The Present

Batman collectibles are on fire this week! This time, Bruce Wayne stands aside and lets Terry McGinnis take charge as the Batman of the future! Sideshow Collectibles does it again with another amazing premium format statue, the 21″ statue shows off a detailed, muscular and live action look at animated character. His base shows off […]

Bruce Wayne is Useless in Batman Beyond #32 (Preview)

Bruce Wayne is Useless in Batman Beyond #32 (Preview)

In the future world of Batman Beyond, Bruce Wayne no longer has to be Batman. And, in fact, he cannot be. But does he have to be totally useless? Apparently so, as we see in this preview of Batman Beyond #32. Batman is seconds from death, unable to breathe thanks to a gravity generator… But […]

[RUMOR] ‘Batman Beyond’ Animated Film in the Works?

Take this with a Bruce Wayne-ego-sized grain of salt but there are currently rumors on the Gotham wind of Warner Bros. Animation working on a Batman Beyond animated feature film. This rumor primarily comes from GeeksWorldWide, who happen to have some possible concept art for the feature. We won’t post the art here, but you can […]

Kevin Smith Wants a Michael Keaton ‘Batman Beyond’ as Much as We Do

Kevin Smith is an ultimate Batman fanboy, we know this. He hosts a podcast called Fatman on Batman (although he really isn’t anymore, dropping to below the 200 lbs mark last year), and is constantly a source of insight and unparalleled knowledge about the history of the capped crusader. In the most recent episode of […]

Batman Beyond #23 cover by Viktor Kalvachev

Batman Beyond #23 Review: The Identity of the New Scarecrow

The new Robin joins Batman in holding off the crazed denizens of Neo-Gotham. The new Scarecrow has somehow caused all this, and Batman and Robin can’t hurt the people of the city. Bruce Wayne and Jack Ryder try to offer support from the Batcave, but they’re unsure how Scarecrow has caused this. There is no […]

Batman Beyond #22 cover by Viktor Kalvachev

Batman Beyond #22 Review: Enter the New Scarecrow

Gotham is falling into chaos. The Jokerz are rioting in the street, but they’re not alone. Normal everyday citizens are also wreaking havoc across the city. Batman is out there trying to sew the peace, but it’s not helping. Everyone just sees him as a monster. Thankfully, Bruce Wayne sends out the new Robin to […]

Batman Beyond One 12 Collective Figure Exclusive 11

Mezco Brings One:12 Collective Batman Beyond Figure to SDCC

Batman Beyond is the first One:12 Collective SDCC exclusive to be announced. Last year their exclusives were the hottest on the show floor, and the last year has been kind to the line. Sellouts, high demand, and a plethora of characters and licenses are exciting collectors, and now this highly anticipated release of Terry will […]

Batman Beyond #20 cover by Viktor Kalvachev

Batman Beyond #20 Review: Enjoyable in Spite of Clichés

A member of the Jokerz named Scab has invaded the Gotham City Police Department headquarters, has taken a hostage, killed many officers, and has pinned down Commissioner Barbara Gordon. Batman Beyond is ready to respond, but Bruce Wayne insists that Terry should take along his little brother and new Robin, Matt McGinnis. Terry is reluctant […]

Batman Beyond #18 cover by Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo

Batman Beyond #18 Late Review: Payback in Neo-Gotham

Batman struggles in his conflict with Stalker as Matt and Bruce watch on from the Batcave. Meanwhile, Payback holds and tortures Ten of the Royal Flush Gang. After Terry narrowly survives the fight with Stalker, Payback brings the Bat to his lair. Here, Payback’s torment of the Batman begins. This one is a week old, […]


Bernard Chang Draws Batman Beyond in the DC Comics Art Academy

Bernard Chang, artist for Batmam Beyond, stepped into the DC Comics Art Academy to be interviewed and draw a sketch of Batman Beyond in front of a live audience. The first question out the gate was about what artists influenced him, but his response started with the fact that he was an immigrant and how […]

Batman Beyond

It’s Batman Vs Batman Beyond In Latest DC Versus

This week’s Versus from DC pits the Bruce Wayne version of Batman against the Terry McGinnis version, or Batman Beyond. The Dark Knight of the future against the original Caped Crusader. Kind of an interesting choice in combatants as Bruce is also Terry’s mentor. He taught Terry everything Terry knows, but I doubt Bruce taught […]

Batman Beyond Old Man Bruce Bust Looking Regal From Diamond Select Toys

Diamond Select has under the radar been producing awesome quality statues and busts for some time now, and none are better than their series of busts based on the various DC Animated shows of yesteryear. They have done many busts from Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited, Superman: The Animated Series, and Batman Beyond, […]

Ch-Ch-Changes – Batman Beyond And Harley Quinn Tomorrow…

A couple of changes ‘twixts solicitation from DC Comics titles out tomorrow. Batman Beyond #16 is not by Bernard Chang as solicited but instead it’s by Stephen Thompson. While Harley Quinn #3 isn’t just by Chad Hardin as solicited but he is joined by Bret Blevins and John Timms. Just a couple. But always good to […]

Big Lebowski Actor Jon Polito Passes Away At Age 65

We’ve gotten word that actor Jon Polito passed away today at the age of 65. Polito was best known for his roles in the Cohen Brothers films The Big Lebowski, Miller’s Crossing and Barton Fink. The actor made numerous appearances on TV ranging from Homicide, Major Crimes, Modern Family all the way back to Dream […]

DC Comics’ Solicits For September 2016 – Doom Patrol, Batman Beyond, Teen Titans, Cyborg, Supergirl, Gotham Academy, Raven, Everafter And Frostbite

DC Comics solicitations for September 2016 include launches for Doom Patrol, Batman Beyond, Teen Titans, Cyborg, Supergirl, Gotham Academy, Raven, Everafter And Frostbite… DOOM PATROL #1 Written by GERARD WAY Art and cover by NICK DERINGTON Variant cover by BRIAN BOLLAND Variant cover by SANFORD GREENE Variant cover by JAIME HERNANDEZ Variant cover by BRIAN […]