Basil Rathbone

“Elementary” Finale Brings the Modern Sherlock Holmes Era to an End

“Elementary”: The End of the Modern Sherlock Holmes Era [OPINION]

CBS’ Elementary ended its run this week, the last Sherlock standing in the current era of modern-day Sherlock Holmes television series. It was the longest running of the shows – and in many ways, as clever as the others. To put it all in perspective, the series ran for seven seasons, 154 episodes – more […]

Cumberbatch Displays The Full Sherlock

Filming for the upcoming Christmas special of Sherlock has been going on in and around Gloucester Cathedral in Britain this week and the below pick was taking of star Benedict Cumberbatch dressed in a very classic looking take on Sherlock Holmes possibly from the Basil Rathbone era. This isn’t the first image we’ve seen of Cumberbatch hearkening […]