The Look Of Smoke And Ashes

Alex De Campi has just posted for people who backed the Ashes comic on Kickstarter. It exists. In very very physical form. Honest. As a project that has had its fair share of ups and downs, she writes; The books are set to arrive via boat at Dark Horse in Oregon on or around Sept […]

Carla Speed McNeil Joins Alex De Campi’s Ashes

Alex De Campi reports in the latest update to her Kickstarter-sourced graphic novel Ashes that caused considerable fuss earlier this year when De Campi fired the comic’s co-creator James Hodgkins/Jimmy Broxton off the book. He was replaced by a series of name artists, including Igor Kordey who had drawn the original Smoke book, to which […]

Bill Sienkiewicz And Dan McDaid Join Alex De Campi’s Ashes

That’s how you do it. Legendary comics creator on New Mutants, Elektra Assassin, Big Numbers and more, Bill Sienkiewicz has signed up to provide a painted section for Alex De Campi’s Ashes graphic novel, the subject of recent Kickstarter kerfuffle. He will be joined by Dan McDaid of Jersey Gods, as well as the previously […]

Dust To Dust – Jimmy Broxton’s Final Words On Ashes

  Jimmy Broxton/James Hodgkins has written to Bleeding Cool, regarding Alex De Campi’s statement on Kickstarter on the situation with the graphic novel Ashes. I have made my position clear and outlined the facts of this unfortunate situation. Alex has a wildly different interpretation of events, and says some very harsh things about me, things […]

Alex De Campi Responds To Jimmy Broxton Over Ashes Kickstarter

  Bleeding Cool first told you about the irrevocable differences that emerged between Alex De Campi and Jimmy Broxton/James Hodgkins over the successfuly funded Kickstarter comic, Ashes, a sequel to Alex De Campi and Igor Kordey’s comic Smoke. It appears that it was, indeed, artistic differences that drove the two apart, but exactly what and […]

Join The Comics Celebrities On Ashes And Win Big

The Kickstarter funding for Alex De Campi and Jimmy/James Broxton/Hodgkins‘ sequel to Smoke – Ashes – is $7000 shy of its targeted figure. So the pair are giving it a final push with a Bleeding Cool competition. If you pledge at least $30, getting a copy of the graphic novel, and then post a comment […]

Smoke Sequel Preview – Ashes by Alex De Campi

Smoke was a comic series by Alex De Campi and Igor Kordey that came out from IDW a few years ago… and was rather good. Think of Luther Arkright crossed with V For Vendetta and dropped into the middle of Soho, London. Well, it’s back. A sequel series called Ashes, written by De Campi, drawn […]

Speculator Corner: Mark Gruenwald

The other day, I ran an article on the Discovery Channel upcoming piece on the late Marvel editor Mark Gruenwald. And his wish that his cremated ashes to be added to the print run of his Squadron Supreme book after his death. Well, the internet seemed to notice. The first print of the Squadron Supreme […]

TV Show Covers Mark Gruenwald’s Last Wishes

On Wednesday at 9pm on Investigation Discovery, The Will: Outrageous Final Wishes will have a segment on the last wishes of Mark Gruenwald, Marvel editor who died in 1996, aged 43. His will asked that his ashes be mixed in with the print run of a Squadron Supreme trade paperback. Which, a few years later, […]