apocalypse wars

Apocalypse Wars – A Marvel Comics Crossover Like The Old Days?

Marvel just said Apocalypse Wars will be self contained in each title. So delighted. — Giant Size Matt Thing will be at RCCC (@mr_oberts) February 19, 2016 That's how it used to be. Themed crossovers for groups that – wouldn't crossover that much, if at all. Fall Of The Mutants. That kind of thing. Each […]

All-New, Extraordinary And Uncanny X-Men To Crossover In Apocalypse Wars

Marvel Comics has just announced at the Brazilian comic book show CCXP,  a big X-Men crossover event for 2016, Apocalypse Wars featuring the All-New X-Men, Extraordinary X-Men and Uncanny X-Men. Which, handily, will come out at the same time as X-Men: Apocalypse. There won't be any tie in, the Fox/Marvel division is still in full effect. But, just as you […]