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"Apex Legends" To Host A Grand Soirée Arcade Event

“Apex Legends” To Host A Grand Soirée Arcade Event

Respawn Entertainment has announced they have a brand new arcade event coming to Apex Legends as they will be hosting a Grand Soirée. The event will run from January 14th-28th, in which you’ll be able to take part in Limited Time Modes, a new Event Reward Track, and a bonus scoring weekend. Not to mention […]

"Apex Legends" Players Celebrated The New Year On The Mirage Voyage

“Apex Legends” Players Celebrated The New Year On The Mirage Voyage

A few Apex Legends players decided they wanted to ring in the new year in style and planned out a celebration on the Mirage Voyage. A number of people had planned a specific time to meet on the ship that had been added with the December update to basically just throw a party. As you […]

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“Apex Legends” Reveals Holiday Content During The Game Awards

In the middle of The Game Awards, we got a little bit of a teaser for the holiday content that dropped into Apex Legends tonight. Mirage’s Holo-Day Bash brings with it the Mirage Voyage, costumes, cosmetics, and a number of other additions to the game. You can see more in the brief trailer as the […]

The "Apex Legends" Player Progression System Gets Some Changes

The “Apex Legends” Player Progression System Gets Some Changes

Yesterday evening, Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts released details to new changes now available in Apex Legends. The biggest change being the Player Progression system has been given a slight overhaul. We have the basic details for you below, but there’s a highly detailed examination on their blog. On top of that and those updates, […]

The Game Awards Announce Their 2019 Nominees

This morning, The Game Awards officially released its list of nominees for the 2019 awards ceremony, with a number of obvious names leading the pack. The current list of games leading the pack in nominations are Control, Death Stranding, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Resident Evil 2, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and The Outer Worlds. Other […]

Funko Pops Perfect for Gamers This Holiday Season

Funko Pops Perfect for Gamers This Holiday Season

There will be multiple ones over the next couple of weeks all dedicated to a specific genre. This holiday guide is dedicated to all those gamers out there. This is the perfect holiday guide for some new collectibles out there and available now.  Starting easy and small is the perfect stocking stuffers for that perfect […]

Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases For October 15-21, 2019

October is just exploding with new video game releases nearly every day this year, it’s becoming a pain to try and keep up with everything that’s out. But we’ve tried our best. Here’s a full list of all the video game releases out this week, choose your titles wisely, and as always; have fun! October […]

The "Apex Legends" Halloween Event "Fight Or Fright" Kicks Off Today

The “Apex Legends” Halloween Event “Fight Or Fright” Kicks Off Today

Respawn Entertainment will be launching the Halloween event for Apex Legends today, appropriately called Fight Or Fright. For the next couple of weeks, you’ll experience all of the usual stuff you would expect to see in an event. You’ll have costumes, Double XP, new weapons, a fresh map to fight on with a Halloween theme, […]

“Apex Legends” Launches Their Halloween Event Next Week

Respawn Entertainment announced plans for Apex Legends to hold their own Halloween event, as Fight Or Fight will kick off on October 15th. You can read about the full details here, but the short version is that from next Tuesday until November 5th, you’ll have three weeks of mayhem to pick up special items in […]

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“Apex Legends” Reveals A Brand New Map For Season Three

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have kicked off Season Three of Apex Legends with a new character, a new map, and a new trailer. First and foremost, you get a new map called World’s Edge that will be headed into the servers on October 1st. According to the info released, this map is an “all-new […]

Crypto Will Be Added to "Apex Legends" In Season Three

Crypto Will Be Added to “Apex Legends” In Season Three

Respawn Entertainment have released a new video and details for Apex Legends when Season Three rolls around, including a full reveal of Crypto. The hacker character has been teased for a couple of months every since Season Two started up over the summer. Now we know he will be added to the game come October. […]

EA Confirms Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass Details

“Apex Legends” Reveals the Preseason Invitational Competitors

EA and Respawn have announced the teams that would be competing in the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational. The double-elimination tournament is taking place this week (from September 13-15) at the Alvernia Planet in Kraków, Poland. The tournament has a total prize pool of $500,000 USD, which 80 elite teams from around the world will compete […]

“Apex Legends” Launches The Voidwalker Event This Week

This week, Respawn Entertainment launched the latest event in Apex Legends as we all head into combat to deal with The Voidwalker. This is a storyline event based around the origins of Wraith and her past as you discover where she came from and how she came to be. The event includes new skins, special […]

Apex Legends Enter the Arena of the Funko Pop Battle Royale  

Apex Legends Enter the Arena of the Funko Pop Battle Royale

Apex Legends is starting to finally make their round in the collectible circuit. First, we got some new and upcoming statues releasing later this year. I am glad to see this series releasing some good collectibles. After the wave of Fortnite, I think we need to see another game series to take over. Funko has announced […]

“Apex Legends” is Hosting a Wraith Voidwalker Event

“Apex Legends” is Hosting a Wraith Voidwalker Event

EA and Respawn will be hosting a new Apex Legends event called “Voidwalker” which will run from September 3-17, 2019. As you might have guessed from the event name, the whole thing is centered on Wraith, specifically her mysterious past. For those who are somehow unaware, Wraith is one of Apex Legends’ original Legends characters, and is […]

Umbrella Academy Funko are Coming Soon from Funko 

“Apex Legends” Fans Bring Statues to Life with Weta Workshop

Apex Legends rose like a phoenix out of the ashes from the Fortnite era. The game was different then what we were all use to. No more building, no more jump shots, and no more dancing. It gave us a run and game in a competition to become #1. Weta Workshop brings us three legends statues […]

"Apex Legends" Launches Single-Player Iron Crown Collection Event

“Apex Legends” Launches Single-Player Iron Crown Collection Event

Do you have what it takes to rule over Apex Legends as a solo player? Respawn Entertainment has kicked off a new Iron Crown Collection Event. Starting today until August 27th, the game will have a single-player mode where it’s you against 59 other players. The event will also have what the devs are calling […]

Twitch Rivals Returns To TwitchCon San Diego With a Massive Cash Prize

Twitch Rivals Returns To TwitchCon San Diego With a Massive Cash Prize

Twitch Rivals will be making a triumphant return to TwitchCon San Diego this year, with some major cash prizes on the line for a few games. The company released a few details today letting fans and players know anyone could sign up. The big tournament this year will be an Apex Legends battle with $500k […]

Another "Apex Legends" Character Gets Teased Online

Another “Apex Legends” Character Gets Teased Online

Ever since the Season Two premiere trailer teasing a new character coming to Apex Legends, people have been waiting patiently for new info. The character’s name is Crypto, or at least that’s what he’s being called, and by all accounts, they’re basically a master hacker. Some images, like the one you see below, have been […]

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EA Announces the Apex Legends Pre-Season Invitational

EA and Respawn Entertainment have announced the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational, which will be a large scale esports tournament featuring the largest collection of competitive talent ever for an Apex Legends event. The tourney will be held from September 13-15 in Kraków, Poland. The event will feature 80 teams of top Apex players from around the […]