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Annette Bening In Talks for “Death on the Nile”

20th Century Fox is in negotiations with Annette Bening for their take on Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile, according to Deadline. The four-time Oscar nominee is hoping to land the role of Euphemia in Kenneth Branagh’s second Agatha Christie adaptation, following his 2017 take on Murder on the Orient Express. If Bening does indeed […]

Whose Idea Was Annette Bening’s ‘Captain Marvel’ Character, Anyway? [SPOILERS]

First and foremost, if you HAVEN’T seen Captain Marvel yet and don’t want to be spoiled about a very large part of the plot, you should find something else to read. Like, seriously. Super big spoilers. Still here?  Okay then. We’re gonna jump right in to exactly whose idea Annette Bening‘s characters were, directly from Marvel Studios’ boss Kevin […]

Annette Bening Sizes Up ‘Captain Marvel’ in New Clip

Marvel Studios next film is set to hit theaters next month, and there are still so many things we don’t know about characters in Captain Marvel, like Annette Bening‘s mysterious Kree Supreme Intelligence. The 4-time Oscar nominee stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night to talk about her role in the first female-fronted solo […]

‘American Crime Story’ Delays ‘Katrina’ As ‘Versace’ Moved Up to Season 2

Viewers will have to switch-up their travel plans next season to Miami as FX announced it will be swapping the next two seasons of Ryan Murphy‘s American Crime Story, moving the season-long storyline The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story from the third season to the second season. The Hurricane Katrina-themed storyline, Katrina: American […]

Chumscrubber Director Returning With Doppelgänger Drama The Look Of Love

It’s been six years since Arie Posin‘s The Chumscrubber snuck out and was, more or less right away, chased back down into its hole again. I think we can fairly call this one “undiscovered”, and if you’re looking for a more off-map alternative to Donnie Darko, then you might consider The Chumscrubber the best kept […]

Rob Reiner’s New Film To Star Annette Bening and Morgan Freeman

Josh Hylton writes for Bleeding Cool: I would imagine that if I were Annette Bening, I’d barely bat an eyelid when an announcement comes that I’ve been nominated for an award. On top of her recent Oscar nominated performance in The Kids Are All Right, Bening has been nominated numerous other times for all kinds […]