Animosity #15 cover by Rafael de la Torre and Marcelo Maiolo

Animosity #15 Review: A Powerful Backstory Issue

We learn the life story of Kyle and how he came to be the man he is. He was a victim of human trafficking and only saved because the boat carrying he and the other victims wrecked just off shore. He was put into the adoption system, and he was often left behind. He noticed […]

Legendary is Making an Animosity Movie

Legendary and AfterShock, sitting in a tree, m-a-k-i-n-g an Animosity movie! That's the news today, coming from punctuality-obsessed Hollywood gossip rag Deadline. Legendary Entertainment has optioned the movie rights for Animosity, the AfterShock comic book by Marguerite Bennett and Rafael de Latorre. AfterShock president Lee Kramer and CEO Jon Kramer will produce the film, with Legendary's Jon Silk […]

Animosity: Evolution #6 cover by Eric Gapstur and Guy Major

Animosity: Evolution #6 Review – Ghost in the Animals in the Machine

Ten Lex Animata are dead because of the Leopard, Penny, and Octavia. The City by the Sea is falling into chaos because its people are starving. Wintermute is wounded and at the mercy of Dr. North's kindness. North himself is also on the hunt for those responsible for the Animata's death. Gwendolyn Yi and the […]

Animosity #14 cover by Rafael de la Torre and Marcelo Maiolo

Animosity #14 Review: The Tragedy of Watching a Dog Ponder Mortality

Kyle has taken Jesse, and Sandor will do anything necessary to get his child back. Kyle is afraid of Sandor and believes that Jesse is not safe living with the animals in their herd. Kyle gets a significant lead on Sandor though, as the fight at the Old Gold Dam has left a great many […]

New Series Clankillers and Relay Launch in AfterShock's July 2018 Solicits

AfterShock is launching two new comic titles this July. The first is a fantasy series called Clankillers by Sean Lewis and Antonio Fuso. The second is a sci-fi series called Relay created by Zac Thompson, Donny Cates, and Eric Bromberg. That one is written by Zac Thompson and has art from Andy Clarke. Plus, Brilliant Trash is receiving its first collected edition. Check out the full details of the […]

Animosity: Evolution #5 cover by Eric Gapstur Rob Schwager

Animosity Evolution #5 Review: Cyber-Animals Unleashed

Augusta of the Grassland Sisters takes to interrogating Mya herself while Dr. North begins looking into Octavia's disappearance. Meanwhile, Octavia and Penelope are brought to the crime lord behind both Mya and Fuzu Kazi. It never ceases to amaze me how much political and philosophical theory can be conveyed through a dystopian comic series about […]

Animosity #13 cover by Rafael de la Torre and Marcelo Maiolo

Animosity #13 Review: The War of Farmers and Bees

Willem and his farmers have killed the bee colony's queen. Jesse is still trying to keep the piece, but it may be too late for that. The colony is ready to go to war, and Willem is all too happy to provide it. In the chaos of the ensuing battle, Jesse is separated from Sandor, […]

Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of 03/28/18

Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of March 28th, 2018: Dark Doomsday Metal Clock

It's time for the Comics for Your Pull Box! We actually have a pretty packed lineup this week, so let's go ahead and get started. Animosity #13 Marguerite Bennett and Rafael de Latorre's Animosity has been on of AfterShock's best series since it started. The current arc is rising to a fever pitch as the farmers, the hive, and […]

Explore the Lost City with Zack Kaplan and Alvaro Sarraseca: AfterShock June 2018 Solicits

AfterShock launches a new series this June with The Lost City Explorers by writer Zack Kaplan and artist Alvaro Sarraseca. Plus, Animosity, Pestilence, Her Infernal Descent, Cold War, Brothers Dracul, A Walk Through Hell,and Dark Ark continue their runs. Details below. BABYTEETH Vol 2 Trade Paperback / $14.99 / 128 pages / color / on sale 06.13.18 writer: Donny Cates artist: Garry Brown color: Mark […]

Animosity: Evolution #4 cover by Eric Gapstur and Rob Schwager

Animosity Evolution #4 Review: Orwellian Nightmares with Talking Animals Once More

Wintermute's raiders invade and seize the farmland of a neighboring settlement. Back in the city, Penelope and Octavia are at the mercy of the tortoise known as Mr. Kazi. Meanwhile, Dr. Adam North meets with the leader in the flesh and metal, Wintermute. Animosity: Evolution's depiction of a wider-scale interpretation of Animal Farm begins to […]

Animosity #12 cover by Rafael de la Torre and Marcelo Maiolo

Animosity #12 Review: A Slow Plot Saved by its Characters and Small Reveals

The farmers' gasoline reserve is destroyed thanks to Sandor and his group while Jesse and Kyle try to get the bee queen back to the hive. The latter plan goes sideways. Mittens gets away, and Kyle gets Jesse to leave him behind. When Jesse makes it to the hive, she discovers some things she could […]

brothers dracul aftershock april 2018

New Series Brothers Dracul and Her Infernal Descent: AfterShock April 2018 Solicits

AfterShock, winner Diamond's Publisher of the Year Award (Under 3%), is releasing two new series this April: Brothers Dracul by Cullen Bunn and Mirko Colak and Her Infernal Descent by Lonnie Nadler, Zac Thompson, and Kyle Charles. More details below. ANIMOSITY #14 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 04.25.18 writer: Marguerite Bennett artist: Rafael De Latorre color: Rob Schwager letters: Marshall Dillon cover: […]

Animosity: Evolution #3 cover by Eric Gapstur and Rob Schwager

Animosity Evolution #3 Review: That is a Scary Bat

Octavia and Adam North work to find out who was behind Mya's black-market dealings. The bat requests protection in return for names. However, that turns sour quickly when a poison dart frog shows up, seemingly with the intent to take Mya out. This leaves Octavia even more energized to discover who is behind the bat […]

Animosity Vol. 2 cover by Rafael de la Torre and Marcelo Maiolo

Animosity Vol. 2 Review: This Has Been My Albatross

After finishing their ride with the humpback whale, Jesse, Bethesda, Sandor, and the rest continue their trek to California to find Jesse's brother. Shortly after, they begin to hear rumors of a flying, fire-breathing dragon. They are attacked soon after, and members of their flock are taken by scarecrow-garbed scavengers. On top of that, Jesse […]

Aftershock Comics March 2018

Betrothed Begins and Jimmy's Bastards Enters its Finale: Aftershock March 2018 Solicits

Sean Lewis and Steve Uy bring you the new sci-fi series Betrothed, Garth Ennis and Russ Braun's Jimmy's Bastards enters its final act, and the young series Monstro Mechanica by Paul Allor and Chris Evenhuis and Cold War by Christopher Sebela and Hayden Sherman continue their runs. This all comes to you courtesy of Aftershock's March 2018 solicits. More details are available below. ANIMOSITY #13 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color / on sale 03.21.18 writer: […]

Animosity #11 cover by Rafael de Latorre and Marcelo Maiolo

Animosity #11 Review: Heavy and Heartfelt Talking Animals

Jesse has come face-to-face with the hive, and they are unsure if they trust her. The farmers have enslaved and exploited the bees for their pollination, and this has left them with a very negative view of humanity. The farmers show no signs of changing their ways either, as they are intent on stopping Jesse […]

Animosity: Evolution #2 cover by Eric Gapstur and Rob Schwager

Animosity Evolution #2 Review: An Endearing Tale Of Four Sisters

Four rodent sisters hitch a ride on Wintermute's refugee caravan on their way back to Wintermute's city fortress. What they discover is a world they didn't expect, receiving help from sources they didn't imagine. One thing that always gets me about stories set in the Animosity universe is how often I must remind myself that […]