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Toy Story

Toy Story Writer Debunks Tragic Theory Of Andy's Dad

There is a popular theory about the Toy Story movies that involves Andy's dad. The basics of the story were put out there by Mike Mozart, a product designer, claiming to have been told it by Joe Ranft, a Pixar writer who has passed away. The story is that Andy Sr. died about a year […]

Toy Story Always Had The Intention Of Continuing Says Pixar Director

Toy Story 3 was a very natural end point for the franchise. The story wrapped up beautifully, and the film focused on growing up in a way that had finality to it. Then we started getting a lot of talk about a Toy Story 4, which some thought to be fincially driven. According to Wall-E […]

Andrew Stanton's John Carter Sequels… What Could Have Been

I rather enjoyed the John Carter movie. Admittedly I saw it on the back of a seat in an aeroplane but I still enjoyed it. And I would have probably enjoyed these even more… Could have been cool. Had big plans… — andrew stanton (@andrewstanton) June 7, 2014 …That would have led to even […]

Cinesite's John Carter Reel Is A Pretty Compelling Trailer That Never Was

John Carter's here and it's almost gone but that doesn't change the fact that it's a fine, fine film with lots of great things to love. Somewhere down that list of great things are the special effects, provided by a number of companies around the world. One of these, London's Cinesite, have posted this reel […]

Chewing Over John Carter: My Conversation With Andrew Stanton

I think that Andrew Stanton's John Carter is just about as good an example of pulpy space adventure as you're going to see in cinemas for a long, long time. It's witty and polished and there clever little filmmaking choices that mark it out as something special, and lasting. I spoke to Stanton last weekend […]

John Carter's Producers Talk Me Through Filmmaking: The Andrew Stanton Way

On Saturday afternoon, I sat down for an extended chat with Lindsey Collins and Jim Morris, the producers of John Carter, and set about pulling together a picture of how the film came about. So here's a zippy version of how this John Carter was made, of who was involved, and how Andrew Stanton's very […]

VIDEO: Garth Jennings On Merryman, John Carter And Life In Tongsville

Last night saw the UK premiere of Andrew Stanton's extraordinary John Carter and I was down on the red carpet to chat with some of the cast and crew. But there were some other interesting folk along too. Let's start our reports on the night with one of those. Garth Jennings is (more or less) […]

Final John Carter Trailer Good, Not As Good As The Film

There's plenty of fresh footage, and a new editing strategy at work in this "final" trailer for John Carter. This time around, they want to show you that the man is a hero in the big, bold space adventure tradition. When you see the film you'll find out how much more there is to him. […]

Great John Carter Twitter Buzz, Extended Clip And Sizzle Footage

You can now see a few minutes from the arena scene in Andrew Stanton's John Carter, featuring the big battle with the blind white apes. Here it is – and keep watching when it's done for an assortment of "sizzle footage." And still that's not really hitting the right notes – but it's better, again. […]

Another Slew Of John Carter Videos Go Behind The Scenes

You'll need about half an hour to get through all of this, I think, so I'm going to shut up and let you get on with it. If you're not interested in lots of talking head interviews, skip down to the last three clips for plenty of behind the scenes B-roll action.