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Captain America Exposes Himself On Mark Brooks Cover To Secret Empire #0 (NSFW)

Marvel has revealed the cover to Secret Empire #0, by Mark Brooks, through their media partnership with Eisner award winning website CBR. The cover shows Steve Rogers EXPOSED… as an agent of Hydra. What? What did you think we were talking about? It’s NSFW because of the Nazi iconography (unless you work in the White […]

Jeff Lemire And Andrea Sorrentino Relaunch Old Man Logan #1 For #MarvelOctober (UPDATE)

  Today, we have a lot of Marvel news coming through about their All-New All-Different Marvel relaunch in October. Such as Jeff Lemire and Andrea Dorrention being the new Old Man Logan creative team, starting in October. Starring the elderly version of Wolverine from a parallel future universe, as created by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven and recently […]