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Feige To Sony On Venom Movie: No Spider-Man For You

Marvel and Sony may have come to an agreement to bring Spider-Man into the MCU, but the two sides have had trouble in recent weeks agreeing on just about anything else. Will the Spider-Man spinoffs being made by Sony take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Amy Pascal says yes. Kevin Feige says no. Amy […]

Only Spider-Man Is Confirmed For The MCU According To Kevin Feige

Someone might want to put Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal in a room with a few contract lawyers because it’s quite clear that they are talking passed each other instead of at each other. A few days ago Amy Pascal said that all the Spider-Man movies are in the MCU but judging by the way […]

Zoe Quinn’s Gamergate Memoir To Become A Film

Deadline reports former Sony chief Amy Pascal has won the rights to the forthcoming book Crash Override: How To Save The Internet From Itself by Zoe Quinn. The book recounts Quinn’s experiences when an internet mob targeted her last year. As the site describes it, “bent on upending her life when a blog post by […]