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Check Out "Alien: Isolation" on Switch With This New Gameplay Trailer

Check Out “Alien: Isolation” on Switch With This New Gameplay Trailer

One of the best Alien games out on the market, Alien: Isolation, is now on Nintendo Switch. The Switch version of Alien: Isolation comes packing all previously released downloadable content, and its available via the Nintendo eShop in case you need some extra-spooky scares now that it’s Halloween. If you haven’t yet embarked on this […]

‘Alien: Isolation’ Digital Series Premieres Trailer

After much debate back and forth as to what the new supposed animated Alien SOMETHING was going to be, we’ve got a bit of an answer from IGN’s exclusive digital series, Alien: Isolation. A trailer for the project was released this morning by IGN, who will be the exclusive home of the series, which drops tomorrow: […]

Amanda Ripley is Coming to Mystery Alien Project

Back in November, 20th Century Fox filed some interesting trademark for something called Alien: Blackout, making us (and pretty much every other outlet on the web) believe the same thing- that a new Alien video game was coming. There really hasn’t been anything definitive until today, when the official Alien Twitter account shared a 30-second video mentioning an […]

Creative Assembly

Creative Assembly is Working on a Tactical Shooter Next

A job listing has suggested that Creative Assembly is working on a new IP, which looks to be a new tactical shooter. Creative Assembly is most known for being the creators of the Total War games. Their stature in real-time strategy genre is more or less unmatched, with the franchise spanning so many offshoots from […]

Creative Assembly

Aliens Is Getting A New AAA Game From Cold Iron Studios

Aliens fans- it looks like we are getting another game to scare the bejeezus out of us. FoxNext tweeted out a link today from Cold Iron Studios looking for talent to “work on Aliens with us in California!” and a link to apply. We’re developing an A L I E N S game at @ColdIronStudios. […]

Alien: Isolation At One Point Was A Third Person Game

I’ve talked at length about my complicated relationship with Alien: Isolation before. While it drove me nuts at points, I actually ended up falling in love with the title. According to Destructoid who were reporting from a GDC Panel, at one point during Isolation’s development, the game was set in the third person. The game’s creative […]

Alien: Isolation Sells A Million Copies

I had quite a complicated relationship with Alien: Isolation. It divided me in two as there was so much quality on display, but also so much frustration to be had too. Once it was all done, I did end up loving it, but if you had asked me during portions of my play through, I […]

Assassin’s Creed, Alien: Isolation And The Last Of Us Up For WGA Award

Consistently in gaming, one of the strangest nomination lists each year comes from one of the most prestigious organisations in entertainment. Did you know that the Writer’s Guild of America hand out awards for writing in video games? Well, they do and it is usually an odd affair. This is because in order to be considered, […]

Shadow Of Mordor Leads Game Developers Choice Awards Nominations

As you may have seen at the end of last year, I really love “Game of the Year”s. They are silly and asinine, but I can’t help myself. I love rewarding games, and looking back over the last 12 months to congratulate excellence has always been important to me. The Game Developers Choice Awards offer […]

Bleeding Cool’s Game Of The Year 2014

So here it is, Game of the Year, where I’m gifting the grand title that acknowledges the excellence in gaming in 2014. If you didn’t check out the list of individual awards I handed out yesterday you should take a look. It has been an eclectic year for games with no real front runner emerging […]

Bleeding Cool’s Gaming Awards 2014 (Excluding Game Of The Year)

So that is another year just about wrapped up and done. 2014 has been a complicated one for the gaming industry and in many ways, it was a year where lots of previous hot topics boiled over into more concrete circumstance. Publishers beings slaves to their release dates caused a large number of games to […]

Alien: Isolation 2 Is Being Discussed By The Creative Assembly

Despite myself, I ended up really enjoying Alien: Isolation. It was needlessly hard and ludicrously protracted, but it had charm and love oozing from every pore. It was a breath of fresh air for a franchise that couldn’t have had a worse reputation in gaming going in. That is why I am quite pleased that […]

The Meek Shall Inherit The 1UP: Non-Violence In Gaming

By. J. Michael Neal The recently released Alien: Isolation made headlines when it was announced that the game would give players the option to complete it without killing anyone. This news was upsetting in its newsworthiness – the fact that a game that allows you to not kill things is a refreshing change of pace. […]

Alien: Isolation Review – She’s a Cruel Mistress

Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool: The best way I can describe Alien: Isolation is by using a really contrived and laboured conceit. Watch in horror as I dig deep into my writing toolbox and pull out a metaphor. Imagine you are at watching the greatest Beatles tribute band live. These guys are the real […]

Official Trailer For New Alien: Isolation Video Game

This teaser trailer is coming out of Gamescon for Alien: Isolation. Also we have a video that shows Sigourney Weaver (Ellen Ripley), Veronica Cartwright (Lambert), Harry Dean Stanton (Brett), Tom Skerritt (Dallas) and Yaphet Kotto (Parker) reveal further details of their return in Alien: Isolation. Players are able to explore the Nostromo from habitation deck down through to […]

Dedicated Discussions – Getting Hands On With Games At SDCC

By Dan Celko The Dedicated Server is a YouTube news show here to keep you informed about gaming, talk about the implications for related fandoms, and tell you what we think about it. Feel free to check out our channel and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing! This week we talk about: We went […]