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REPLICAS OFFICIAL TRAILER Starring Keanu Reeves In Theaters January 11, 2019

A Trailer for 'Replicas', Starring Keanu Reeves and Alice Eve

Okay so we don't know where this film has been hiding, but Replicas certainly has our interest peaked. Starring Keanu Reeves (John Wick, The Matrix, Speed) and Alice Eve (Marvel's Iron Fist, Before We Go, Star Trek Into Darkness), the Jeffrey Nachmanoff-directed film has a little bit of everything. It's even got Thomas Middleditch (Silicon Valley) and John […]

Marvel's Iron Fist Season 2: There's Something About (Typhoid) Mary in New Images

Early looks and the first official second-season trailer for Marvel's Iron Fist have Netflix fans cautiously excited for the upcoming season – and that's due in large part to the eagerly-anticipated introduction of Alice Eve as classic Marvel villain Typhoid Mary. Now the streaming service is giving us a look at Mary's deadly duality, using the show's […]

Marvel's Iron Fist: Danger Hits Close to Home for Danny in Season 2 Trailer, Poster

If the second season of Marvel's Iron Fist is even half as good as the trailers/teasers released for it have looked, then Netflix might be witnessing one of the biggest season-to-season turnarounds since Buffy the Vampire Slayer (you know I'm right). Now with the streaming service having released a new trailer for the upcoming season, […]

Ed Westwick's Ordeal By Innocence Role Recast; Scenes to Be Reshot

With production on the second season of his BBC comedy series White Gold already suspended, the co-producers of BBC One's adaptation of Agatha Christie's mystery Ordeal By Innocence have announced that they are recasting the role that Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick had already finished portraying. In addition, Mammoth Screen and Agatha Christie Limited will […]

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Star Trek's Alice Eve Set to Appear in Iron Fist Season 2

It looks like Netflix's second season of Iron Fist is about to get a little Trekkie "geek cred," with Variety reporting exclusively that Star Trek: Into Darkness's Alice Eve set to join the cast of the streaming service's Marvel adaptation. Eve's acting career has spanned film, television and theatre. She is best known for roles in genre […]

Kevin Costner Gets Injected With Ryan Reynolds' Life In Criminal Trailer

In the new trailer for Lionsgate's upcoming Criminal, Kevin Costner plays a death row inmate without empathy who is injected with the memories of a dead CIA agent, played by Ryan Reynolds, in the hopes Coster will reveal the location of an important asset. Instead, he gains feelings and looks for the late agent's wife, […]

Men In Black 3 – The Bleeding Cool Review

What would you do if you met a visitor from another time? Michael Moran finds out when he sees a movie sequel that's at least a decade overdue. Has time been kind to Earth's shadowy guardians?

Alice Eve Getting On Board The Enterprise For Star Trek 2

Shoestring offspring Alice Eve is negotiating her deal to take a role in JJ Abrams' Star Trek sequel. She's apparently set to play a newly invented character – though that's not enough fun for the internet, so I'm seeing Janice Rand rumours already. In great number. Slightly less common are dodgy comments about Ms. Eve's […]

Superman Tests Are For Ursa, And Lois Lane Will Appear After All?

Yesterday, we learned that Rosamund Pike, Alice Eve and Diane Kruger were all being weighed up for a lead female role in the new Superman film; at the same time, we were told that Lois Lane would not be the film's female lead (and a bit of wobbly logic led to the assumption she therefore […]

These Actresses Are Up For A Role In Superman, But Who Will They Play?

The lead female role in the new Superman movie is up for grabs, and a trio of young women vying for the role have been revealed. Perhaps more interesting, however, is the surprise revelation that the film's female lead will not be Lois Lane. Variety name the contenders for the role as Rosamund Pike, Diane […]