Alex Paknadel

Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition

The Complete Bleeding Cool Top 100 Power List of Comics 2019, in Full

Here you go folks, in full, the Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition. Every year, Bleeding Cool runs its Top 100 Power List of members of the English-speaking comic book industry, weighted towards the direct market. It is judged by all manner of attributes, the ability to influence what comics exist and sell, […]

Turn Coat, A New Sci-Fi / Detective Series From Paknadel & Trakhanov

In what is being described in the same vein as Blade Runner, The Forever War and Neuromancer, BOOM! Studios will be releasing a new series this week called Turn Coat. Written by Alex Paknadel (Arcadia) and drawn by Artyom Trakhanov (Undertow), the series combines elements of science fiction and detective genres into an exploration of […]

Arcadia #1 Provides Us With An Unsettling Look Into A Possible Future

BOOM! Studios has been bringing new creators to the table for a long time now, and they've done it again with writer, Alex Paknadel and artist, Eric Scott Pfeiffer. Their new book Arcadia follows the plotline that 99% of humankind is wiped out by a pandemic. Out of those people, four billion are saved by […]

Orbital In Conversation – Live From London Super Comic Con With 2000AD, Valiant, And Friends!

By Chris Thompson [audio:] Following on from last week's tribute to my good friend Herb Trimpe (which you can still listen to here), this time I'm back with a series of interviews recorded *live* in the inaugural Podcast Alley at the recent London Super Comic Con. First up, Alex Paknadel chats about his new series […]

Do You Need A Body To Be A Person? – Arcadia Is New From Boom! Studios

Alex Paknadel and Eric Scott Pfeiffer's new comic series Arcadia asks the question: If your mind was inside a computer, would you still be a person? During a global pandemic that wipes out 99% of humanity, four billion people are saved by being digitized and uploaded to the cyber-utopia Arcadia. But when the energy resources for both […]