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Alberto El Patron Fired by Impact Wrestling After No-Showing 2 Events

Alberto El Patron has done the impossible. He’s actually managed to get fired by Impact Wrestling, a company who will literally hire anyone as long as they once worked for WWE and let them do whatever they want. Jeff Hardy literally once wrestled Sting high out of his mind on soma at a TNA PPV […]

Alberto El Patron Blames Paige for All the Times He Told Off WWE and Triple H

With the news this week that WWE Superstar Paige’s in-ring career could be over following an injury, her ex-boyfriend and Impact Wrestling star Alberto El Patron did the classiest thing possible in the situation: he blamed her for all the trash he talked to WWE while they were together. In an interview with Spanish-language outlet […]


2017 Wrestling Countdown #1: Paige and Alberto Del Rio Make a Cute Couple

It’s hard to decide which Total Divas, Paige or Eva Marie, produced the best off-screen drama in 2017, so we’re glad to see that both of them shared top billing in the most-read wrestling post of the year. This one focused mainly on the saga of Paige and her boyfriend, Albero El Patron, who spent […]

A Major WWE Superstar Could Return On Tomorrow’s Monday Night Raw

Tomorrow night’s episode of Monday Night Raw could mark a major return for a long-absent WWE Superstar. If you don’t want to know who it is, why did you click on this article? Are you just looking for a reason to complain? Look, we’re gonna put this stop sign here, and if you scroll past […]

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The Storybook Romance Of Paige And Alberto El Patron Is Officially Over

Great news, ladies! Alberto El Patron is single again! It feels like it was only yesterday that we were reading the romantic stories of Paige and Alberto El Patron defending their love amidst domestic violence allegations levied by Paige’s family in the wake of a public airport altercation between the company that got the Orlando […]

Total Divas Star Paige Preparing For WWE Return

WWE Superstar Paige may not be appearing on the next season of Total Divas, but she does appear to be getting ready for a comeback. Paige was suspended from WWE for violating the company’s wellness policy in 2016, and embarked on a globetrotting adventure with fiancee and former WWE superstar Alberto El Patron, posting videos to social […]

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Alberto El Patron Stripped Of Title As GFW Distances Itself From Former Champion

GFW has made a decision in regard to the controversy surround world champion Alberto El Patron, who was suspended indefinitely after being involved in an airport altercation with fiancée and WWE superstar Paige at an airport in Orlando. Though El Patron was cleared by police in investigation of the incident, the story remained in the […]

Paige And Alberto El Patron Speak Out On Airport Incident, WWE And GFW Returns

WWE Superstar Paige and GFW wrestler Alberto El Patron (formerly known as Alberto Del Rio) appeared on Busted Open Radio, the SiriusXM show hosted by Bubba Ray Dudley, to discuss the Orlando airport incident that occurred in July. The incident made headlines after audio was released on TMZ, showing Paige telling El Patron, “Just stay out […]

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Paige Responds To Body-Shaming Tweets, Teases WWE Return

WWE Superstar Paige took to Twitter to respond to body-shaming social media posts prompted by a photo of her shared on Twitter over the weekend. The “concern” began when the following photo was posted by Mexican producer Arturo Velasco: Increible comida con amigos @PrideOfMexico @RealPaigeWWE Daniel y @FrancoVelasco — Arturo Velasco (@Artvelascor) July 22, 2017 […]

Police: Paige Could Be Charged With Domestic Violence Over Airport Incident

Following statements last week claiming that she was the one being held for battery after an altercation at the Orlando airport, not fiancee Alberto El Patron, WWE Superstar Paige could be charged, according to Orlando police. Pro Wrestling Sheet obtained an official statement from the police department on the matter, which made headlines last week and […]

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Alberto El Patron Suspended By GFW As Paige’s Brother Claims Family Has Photo Evidence Of Abuse

Following the rapidly evolving scandal stemming from an altercation at the Orlando Airport this weekend between Global Force Wrestling World Champion Alberto El Patron (formerly Alberto Del Rio) and WWE superstar Paige, the company has suspended El Patron, effective immediately, issuing the statement: Global Force Wrestling has indefinitely suspended Alberto El Patron, effective immediately, until […]

Paige And Alberto Del Rio Involved In Airport Altercation; Paige’s Family Concerned

The relationship between WWE superstar Paige and GFW World Champion Alberto El Patron (known formerly in WWE as Alberto Del Rio) has taken a dark turn. Over the weekend, PWInsider reported that El Patron was detained by police at the Orlando airport after an incident involving Paige that Orlando police described as “a domestic violence […]