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Lenny Henry Tackles Lack Of Black Comic Creators, On BBC Radio 4's Today Programme

BBC Radio 4's Today Programme this morning, ran a feature towards the end of its three hour broadcast, looking at the ethnic makeup of modern day comic book creators. Today's edition of the show was guest-edited by long-standing British comedian, writer and producer Lenny Henry, who rocketed to media attention this year after preaching about […]

A Very Black Superman

  Well I guess it is Super Black History Month. In a preview of Gene Ha's work from an upcoming issue of Action Comics #9, the DC Source has shown us that the Superman of a parallel Earth isn't the old white guy you might once have known, but a rather buff black man. Grant […]

The Power Of A Black Spider-Man

Tonight, it is possible that Marvel will pre-announce the identity of the new Ultimate Spider-Man to the Associated Press, or similar. It is possible he will be a young African American, potentially the Ben Reilly scientist character who has stores the late Peter Parker's DNA and that's certainly what Bleeding Cool has been speculating. But […]

Over Analysing Ultimate Spider-Man's Neck

Is it or isn't it? It is, isn't it? No it isn't. Is it? Isn't it? That's the question. Does  Spider-Man, in this preview for Ultimate Fallout #4 featuring the new Spider-Man, have an African American neck? Could it be heavy shadow or lighting? Or are Marvel just playing silly buggers as usual? Let's find […]

IGN Calls Star Of Batwing #1 "African-American"…

They're not alone. I once heard of an American newsreader who described Nelson Mandela as "African American". But in announcing the story DC gave them about Batwing #1, from Judd Winick and Ben Oliver, IGN made the classic slip up; "Batwing #1, starring the first ever African-American character to don the mantle as the Batman […]

Will We Be Getting A Black Spider-Man?

Something's in the air. It wasn't long ago that Donald Glover was trying to get cast as Peter Parker in the new Spider-Man movie. It caused a little controversy on both sides, but even Stan Lee said he should have a shot. There's a scene in yesterday's Amazing Spider-Man where everyone becomes alternate dimensional counterparts […]