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‘Motherland: Fort Salem’: Witchcraft and Warfare Collide in Freeform’s Official Trailer

It was in March of this year that Freeform gave a 10-episode series order for Motherland: Fort Salem, an hour-long drama from Claw screator Eliot Laurence and executive producers Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Kevin Messick. Written by series creator/showrunner Laurence and directed by Steven Adelson, the series stars Ashley Nicole Williams, Jessica Sutton, Taylor Hickson, Demetria McKinney, and Amalia Holm. […]

‘Motherland: Fort Salem’: Freeform Orders “Combat Magic” Military Drama Series

In what would be the makings of a very cool “shared universe” with their popular mermaid-fantasy series Siren (one can always dream), Freeform has given a 10-episode series order for Motherland: Fort Salem, an hourlong drama from Claws creator Eliot Laurence and executive producers Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Kevin Messick. Written by series creator/showrunner […]

Ron Burgundy Podcast

Will Ferrell Unleashes ‘The Ron Burgundy Podcast’ Teaser

For those who can’t get enough antics of Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) through two “cinematic masterpieces” in the Anchorman films, you’re in for a treat. Ferrell reprises the character for The Ron Burgundy Podcast, which features two-12 episode seasons. The first premieres on February 7. The second is expected to air in mid-2019, according to […]

Adam McKay Was Asked to Direct GotG Vol 3, Wants to Make Silver Surfer Movie

One of the best parts of filmmakers doing press rounds to promote their upcoming projects are the things they’ll mention that completely floor us. Like VICE director Adam McKay‘s admission that he was approached to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 after Disney fired James Gunn. And then there is the realization that he was originally going to direct […]

‘Dead to Me’: Christina Applegate Returns to Television in Netflix Dark Comedy Series

After six years and a number of series and pilot offers, Christina Applegate (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy) is returning to television as lead and executive producer in Netflix’s half-hour dark comedy series Dead to Me. Written by showrunner Liz Feldman (2 Broke Girls), the 10-episode season is described as a “comedic Big Little Lies” that highlights a […]

No Activity: NSFW Trailer For Upcoming Will Ferrell/Adam McKay Comedy

No Activity: NSFW Trailer For Will Ferrell/Adam McKay Comedy From CBS All Access

Proving that a streaming service does not live on The Good Fight and Star Trek: Discovery alone, CBS unveiled the first red-band trailer for No Activity, the upcoming CBS All Access comedy series from executive producers Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Funny or Die. Developed and executive produced by Patrick Brammall and Trent O’Donnell (who […]

‘No Activity’: CBS All Access Comedy Adds Tim Meadows, Guest Stars

With the understanding that CBS All Access cannot live on Star Trek: Discovery alone (and maybe they listened to us over on Bleeding Cool Chatter), the new live/on demand streaming service is lining up some major names for its first original comedy series, No Activity, from Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Funny Or Die. Tim Meadows […]

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Ben Schwartz/Laura Moses Millennial Comedy Lands At CBS

CBS has emerged the winner in what was an intense bidding war over Things You Should Already Know, an ensemble single-camera comedy about millennials from Ben Schwartz (House Of Lies), Laura Moses, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay‘s Gary Sanchez Productions, and CBS TV Studios. Based on the upcoming illustrated guide to millennial dating by Schwartz and […]

Christian Bale Eying Return To Batman-Like Role In Dick Cheney Biopic

Batman is a superhero published by DC Comics, and Dick Cheney was a Vice President in Washington DC, but the two have far more in common than that when diggiging below the surface. While Cheney was a proponent of sweeping government authority to perform surveillance even on its own citizens, Batman tapped into the cellphones […]

Adam McKay To Direct Boom!’s Irredeemable For Fox

The Big Short director Adam McKay has flirted with comic books in the past. He tried to develop a feature based on Garth Ennis and Darrick Robertson‘s The Boys and contributed to a rewrite of Ant-Man following the departure of original writer/director Edgar Wright. And now The Wrap reports he will direct a feature based […]

Peyton Reed Is Possessive Of Ant-Man

Director Peyton Reed was enjoying his trip to the Captain America: Civil War premiere because it wasn’t his night. And it was the third time he had seen the film he called amazing. But that didn’t stop him from being interviewed about the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp film that he, star Paul Rudd, Adam Mckay, […]

Deadpool Nabs His $150 Million Bounty; Others May Seek His Success

Deadpool nabbed a $150 million opening, according to Variety. Aided by the three-day weekend and a sharp take on the well-known X-Men brand, the film blew past industry projections of a $60 million to $70 million opening. The surprising debut may breath life into several projects. The Wrap reports The Crow reboot — long in […]

Adam McKay On Returning For Ant-Man And The Wasp

While discussing his new film The Big Short with The Hollywood Reporter (via Comic Book Movie), director Adam McKay was asked if he would return to writer the second Ant-Man film, Ant-Man and the Wasp. “I was talking to [Paul] Rudd about it the other day. We’ll see what happens, but that would certainly be […]

Steve Carell & Christian Bale Bet Against The American Economy In The Big Short Trailer

Paramount has released a trailer for December’s The Big Short, starring Steve Carell, Christian Bale, Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling as four men who saw the coming end of the housing boom and bet on the 2008 economic collapse that followed. [youtube][/youtube] That looks like fun, almost like a heist movie, but the heist was […]