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Continuum’s Jeff King To Write DC’s Convergence Weekly Comic, USA Today To Announce?

<3 this “@JimLee: Happy Halloween everybody!!! Truth be told, we dress like this every day :D” — Jeff King (@JeffKingTV) October 31, 2014 Bleeding Cool has been writing about the Band Aid/Blood Moon/Convergence event for quite some time now. Feel free to catch up. We now understand that Convergence will be twice as large […]

Adam Beechen On The Batman Arkham Origins DC2 Process With Madefire

Adam Beechen has been very kindly discussing his upcoming work on the choose-your-own-storyline Arkham Asylum comic with Madefire and DC Comics. Best known for writing Countdown comics for DC, Countdown and Countdown To Adventure, as well as Batgirl and Batman Beyond, we haven’t heard much of his comic book writing for a little while. Well now […]