Ablaze Gung Ho

Ablaze Launches “Gung-Ho” in December 2019 Solicitations

New comic publisher Ablaze, that is suddenly not publishing public domain Conan comics as The Cimmerian anymore, or at least not through Diamond, announced that the company will be publishing Gung-Ho by Benjamin von Eckartsberg and Thomas von Kummant in December. Gung-Ho is the first title in part of an overall larger deal with leading French […]

Auto Draft

Vampire State Building Variant Homages The Walking Dead

The new English-adaptation-in-print version of Vampire State Building by Ange-Renault and Charlie Adlard is coming out shortly from Ablaze Comics. Each issue features its own homage cover to a famous comic book. But there’s one notable comic book that hasn’t been homaged yet. Which may be because the NYCollectorCave has commissioned its own retailer exclusive […]

Ablaze Brings Glenat's Uncensored, Violent, Sexual Conan Comics to U.S. in October

Ablaze Brings Glenat’s Uncensored, Violent, Sexual Conan Comics to U.S. in October

While Marvel has surely been making the most of the Conan license by publishing multiple solo series and even giving Conan his own Avengers team, over in Europe, where Conan is public domain, more publishers are taking advantage of the Barbarian’s appeal. Bleeding Cool has previously reported on Conan comics by French publisher Glenat and […]