The Infamous "Zola" Story is Officially a Film That's Coming to Sundance

The Infamous "Zola" Story is Officially a Film Coming to Sundance

If you're wondering why the name Zola sounds familiar, there's a solid chance it's for a very unexpected reason. In 2015 a woman named Aziah Wells (by the nickname Zola) began a Twitter thread in one of the most shocking discussions found on social media. Zola shared a story about a horrible trip to Florida […]

New Trailer for A24's "The Lighthouse" is Very A24-y

'The Lighthouse' Hit Digital Dec. 20, Blu-ray January 7

The Lighthouse will hit digital platforms on December 20, just in time for the family to gather around during the holidays and watch. It will also hit Blu-ray on January 7. The film has garnered universal acclaim, and is expected to get some awards attention come January. It already tied for the most Spirit Awards […]

New Trailer for A24's "The Lighthouse" is Very A24-y

New Trailer for A24's "The Lighthouse" is Very A24-y

In January 2015 The Witch came to the Sundance Film Festival and knocked pretty much everyone flat on their asses. Despite the fact that it took over a year to make it to the big screen the movie picked up a cult following and introduced the world to the fantastic Anya Taylor-Joy along with director […]

Joel Cohen's 'Macbeth' May Star Frances McDormand, Denzel Washington

Every so often, an adaptation of a Shakespeare work comes along that leaves us questioning the decision making, but also cheering in delight. The most recent example would have to be the gender-swapped The Tempest starring Dame Helen Mirren, but this next one sounds even more awesome. Joel Cohen is reportedly working on a version of the-play-that-must-not-be-named […]

Midsommar Poster

Ari Aster's 'Midsommar' Debuts Creepy New Trailer

Director Ari Aster's second film Midsommar had debuted its first trailer this afternoon. The director is following up last year's excellent Hereditary, and staying in the realm of cults and paganism. The film stars Florence Pugh and Jack Reynor. Check out the trailer down below! Pugh and Reynor will play a couple that travels to Sweden […]

A24, Apple Reunite Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray for 'On The Rocks'

Thanks to A24's partnership with Apple, Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray are reuniting for the upcoming film, On The Rocks. This will be the first production under the partnership of A24 and Apple, which was announced in 2018 as a "multi-year deal" between the two companies. On The Rocks will be the first film produced by the partnership. […]

A24 Will Produce Several Films for Apple Under New Deal

We're both excited and concerned about this news; Apple is partnering with A24 for the studio to produce a slate of films. We love A24 releases, such notable Oscar-nominated (and winning) films as Moonlight, Room, The VVitch, and Ex Machina just to name a few. This is concerning because the previously announced direction for Apple's upcoming programming has been […]

Jonah Hill Interviews His Favorite Actress, Edie Falco

Newly-minted director Jonah Hill was able to do what many of us dream of, interviewing a favorite actor/actress. He was able to chat with Edie Falco, who he reveals as his favorite actress, for A24's internal magazine. IndieWire has the exclusive interview, which is pretty great: Jonah Hill: Not to embarrass you, or make you feel weird. […]

Sources Say Warner Bros. Wants James Gunn Post-Disney Exit

Another day, another entry into the ongoing saga of filmmaker James Gunn post-Disney firing. Apparently Warner Bros. wants him next, according to pretty much every big entertainment website today. All the usual suspects (The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline, Variety, etc.) have run variations on the same story: at present, Gunn is in final negotiations with Disney […]

Moonbase 8

A24's 'Moonbase 8' TV Series is Coming

A24 continues to release some fabulous films and features, and apparently their next project will be a tv series called Moonbase 8. Posted yesterday to their official Twitter account, an image features John C. Reilley, Tim Heidecker, and Fred Armisen in space suits, posing in what could be described as classic mission photo fashion. Apparently the series will reportedly follow […]

How To Talk To Girls At Parties

Watch: New 'How To Talk To Girls At Parties' Trailer from A24

How To Talk To Girls At Parties is a film I've personally been waiting for since it was announced. While not the biggest Neil Gaiman fan, this is probably my favorite of his short stories. Added in with one of my personal heroes in the director's chair with the most perfect sensibilities for the project, […]

golden globes 2018 predictions

Tonight's Golden Globes Winner Roundup: Fox Searchlight Leads Studio Pack

The era of film and TV has changed, and it looks like once again the streaming services cannot be ignored as a force to be reckoned with at tonight's 75th Annual Golden Globes. The ceremony tonight was far from a somber one, even though most of the guests wore black. Maybe you heard about the […]

Disaster Artist review

The Disaster Artist Review: Trying To Make Sense Of A Mystery

The Disaster Artist, a film about the making of a film, exudes a sense of near-obsession with its subject. That subject is The Room, the 2003 indie film that is considered either the most brilliant art-film ever or the worst insult to filmmaking of all time. If Ed Wood and his legendarily bad films like Plan 9 […]

First Trailer For "How To Talk To Girls At Parties" Hits

Fans of author Neil Gaiman are in for another treat this year with a film adaptation of his short story, "How To Talk To Girls At Parties".  Most folks are excited for this film because of the source material, or the fabulous all-star cast including Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman, Ruth Wilson, and Alex Sharp. But myself?  I'm more excited for the […]

The Disaster Artist

'The Disaster Artist' Teaser Is Here, James Franco Tackles Tommy Wiseau

When a film so bad becomes a treasured fluke, it usually means the director did something right.  Tommy Wiseau's The Room, released in 2003, is the best example of a goddamn disaster of a movie that continues to maintain a cult following.  With a 33% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it's still a mystery as to why […]

A24 Releases A Poster And Trailer For 'A Ghost Story'

A24 has released a poster and trailer for Sundance Film Festival movie A Ghost Story. An extremely unconventional movie A Ghost Story was not only praised by critics, including yours truly, but also what appeared to be an unlikely movie to get picked up for release at all. It is written and directed by David […]