7th heaven

Tread Perilously Podcast — 7th Heaven: Anything You Want

In honor of its twentieth anniversary, Tread Perilously once again returns to Glenoak to watch the pilot episode of 7th Heaven. Reverend Camden must face a number of perils while awaiting the arrival of his in-laws. Middle-daughter Lucy is freaking out because her first period will not happen. Elder daughter Mary (aka, Woman Girl) wants […]

Tyler Hoechlin Cast As Superman For Supergirl’s Second Season

Tyler Hoechlin is your new Superman. Variety reports the 7th Heaven and Teen Wolf veteran has won the coveted role of Supergirl‘s Man of Steel. He will be the sixth actor to play the part — counting two Superboys — on television. “We are so thrilled and humbled to add another amazing actor to the […]

Tread Perilously Podcast — 7th Heaven: … And A Nice Chianti

Tread Perilously returns to Glen Oak, CA this week with another episode of 7th Heaven. In fact, it was Erik’s first episode of the series when it aired in 1998; which he is all-too gleeful to mention. While Reverend Camden tries to help a woman who lost her son in an accident and a pregnant […]

Tread Perilously Podcast — 7th Heaven: “Here Comes Santa Claus”

It’s Christmastime on Tread Perilously! Which means Erik subjected Justin to the family drama classic 7th Heaven. The third season Christmas episode, “Here Comes Santa Claus,” sees Matt Camden as a Mall Santa, Mary bringing home a handsome drifter with perfect teeth, Lucy freaking about her boyfriend’s Christmas gift, Simon trying to string Christmas lights […]