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Marvel 2099 Event Swings Out of Amazing Spider-Man in November

Marvel’s November 2019 solicitations reveal another big event at the House of Ideas (most of said ideas being “let’s have an event”). Spinning out of the pages of Amazing Spider-Man is Marvel 2099, crossing over through the following titles from this checklist: MARVEL 2099 CHECKLIST AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #33 2099 ALPHA #1 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #34 AMAZING […]

Nick Spencer Revives 2099 From Marvel in November

Nick Spencer Revives 2099 From Marvel Comics in November

Marvel 2099 is a began in 1992, that was originally one possible future of the Marvel Universe, but later revealed in a climax of Superior Spider-Man Goblin Nation arc and Amazing Spider-Man #14 to be the Earth of the prime Marvel continuity in the distant future. Originally announced by Stan Lee in his “Stan’s Soapbox” […]

X-Men: Blue #17 cover by Arthur Adams and Peter Steigerwald

X-Men: Blue #17 Review: The Return of X-Men 2099

The X-Men have been brought to the year 2099 by Magneto’s time machine. There, they meet their future counterparts: X-Men 2099. They also find a dystopia brought about by the corporation Alchemax. The strangest thing is that our X-Men apparently took over the company some years back and made it the de facto government before […]

The Return Of Warren Ellis’ Ghost Rider 2099?

Recently we ran a lost Ghost Rider 2099 story by Warren Ellis and Salgood Sam, reserved as a fill-in arc for a book that was cancelled shortly afterwards. Well, after reading Bleeding Cool, Marvel people got in touch with Salgood Sam to make copies of the art  – it seems Marvel never got round to […]

The First Half Of A Never-Seen Warren Ellis Ghost Rider 2099 Comic…

Twenty years ago, Marvel created a new line called 2099. Based on initial ideas by Stan Lee and John Byrne, it saw creators such as Peter David, Warren Ellis, Rick Leonardi, D’Israeli, Humberto Ramos, Pat Mills and Chuck Dixon recreate Marvel superheroes in an increasingly sci-fi background. It had some highs, it had some lows, […]

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century: 2009 Out In… A Week!

It’s due to be published in early July in the US. And late June in the UK. But I understand that the publication date of the final chapter of League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century, the volume set in 2009 has been moved forward. Instead, it will be published in just a week’s time instead, in […]

League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 2009 Off To The Printers

Alan Moore is engaging in a videochat with 58 people who paid $99 as part of a Kickstarter effort to raise money for a Harvey Pekar tribute statue. He talks about it below. Expect fuller coverage later, but amongst the many gems the man is dropping – including stating that he is the new god […]

Peter David Writes New Spider-Man Game, “Edge Of Time”

One of these days people will make convention announcements at the convention itself. Until then, Spider-Man: Edge Of Time developed by Beenix will use both Spider-Man and the Spider-Man 2099 character to fix the timeline after the death of Peter Parker.. Possibly with time webbing, I’m not sure. And the game narrative is written by […]