Dark Phoenix Review: The X-Men Franchise Goes Out With a Whimper

Dark Phoenix is yet another underwhelming entry in the X-Men franchise as the series ends on a low note. Director: Simon Kinberg Summary: Jean Grey begins to develop incredible powers that corrupt and turn her into a Dark Phoenix. Now the X-Men will have to decide if the life of a team member is worth […]

First Trailer for "Ford Vs. Ferrari"

First Trailer for “Ford v Ferrari” Teases Vehicular David and Goliath

Maybe fast cars aren’t your thing, and that’s totally fine- but this first trailer for the upcoming true story tale of Ford v Ferrari is everything we were hoping for.     Academy Award-winners Matt Damon and Christian Bale star in FORD v FERRARI, based on the remarkable true story of the visionary American car designer […]

We ALMOST Had a Fox-Owned Marvel Character Extravaganza Film in 2011

Another tidbit gleaned from Zack Stentz‘s stop by Kevin Smith‘s Fatman on Batman podcast was the reveal of a missed opportunity 2011 film from FOX, who owned several of the Marvel Comics heavy hitters at the time. Stentz, who co-wrote Thor for Marvel Studios with former writing partner Ashley Edward Miller as well as X-Men: First Class for Fox, divulged […]

Here's Why We're Not Getting Lilandra or the Hellfire Club in 'Dark Phoenix'

Here’s Why We’re Not Getting Lilandra or the Hellfire Club in ‘Dark Phoenix’

Yes, we know, we’re bagging a lot on Dark Phoenix before even seeing it, and it’s partially because we’re not getting big giant parts of the celestial being’s story.  Things like….Lilandra and the Shi’ar (although we may still be getting the Shi’ar?) and the other big one- The Hellfire Club. We were of course, semi-hoping that […]

‘New Mutants’ Reshoots STILL HAVEN’T HAPPENED Simon Kinberg Says

Yes, we know we sound like a broken record when it comes to The New Mutants film, but, it would appear those reshoots we keep talking about STILL HAVEN’T HAPPENED. Remember these were supposed to have happened back in February of 2018. X-Men producer (and Dark Phoenix director) Simon Kinberg says there’s a reason for that, and it’s […]

Yes, 'Kingsman: The Great Game' Still Happening After Disney's Fox Purchase

‘Kingsman 3’ Happening, Liam Neeson in for Prequel ‘The Great Game’,

Just to be PERFECTLY clear, we’re talking about two DIFFERENT Kingsman films. There is Kingsman: The Great Game which will be a prequel to the two previous titles and is set to hit theaters in 2020, and then there will be the untitled Kingsman 3 which doesn’t have a release date yet. On The Great Game front- A new report […]

We Kinda Wish 'Terminator: Dark Fate' Trailer Had Hit on Mother's Day

We Kinda Wish ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Trailer Had Hit on Mother’s Day

No, we still don’t have an actual trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate yet, but director Tim Miller teased us all with a glimpse of the editing process for it ON MOTHER’S DAY. “I like to spend every #TerminatorDay in a dark room thinking dark thoughts & our edit bay is the perfect place! We're here putting the […]

'Avatar': Jemaine Clement Headed to Pandora as Marine Biologist

‘Avatar’: Jemaine Clement Headed to Pandora as Marine Biologist

From Vampire to…marine biologist- Jemaine Clement is headed to Pandora for the Avatar sequels from James Cameron and Disney. 📣 Casting announcement! Jemaine Clement has been cast in the Avatar sequels as Dr. Garvin, a marine biologist on Pandora. Glad to have you aboard @AJemaineClement! It's Business Time. #AvatarFamily 💙 — Avatar (@officialavatar) May 15, […]

It's X-Men Day, New 'Dark Phoenix' Posters, Tickets on Sale Now

It’s X-Men Day- Posters, Retrospective Featurettes, and More!

Just when we thought we had too many made up holidays and observation days, along comes Disney-owned FOX with a pitch for X-Men Day! The studio will be celebrate all things X-Men today, which coincidentally happens to be when tickets for the very last of the X-Films (under Fox, anyway) Dark Phoenix are going on sale. […]

James Cameron

James Cameron’s Strange ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Sinking ‘Titanic’ Congrats

Filmmaker James Cameron had the distinction of holding the top 2 slots for highest grossing films of all time until last week. His Avatar still holds the #1 position, but Marvel Studios Avengers: Endgame sank the #2 slot holder of Titanic just last week. Cameron took to Twitter to share this….rather strange congrats to the team over at Marvel […]

New 'Dark Phoenix' Poster, Teases of Monday May 13th X-Men Day

New ‘Dark Phoenix’ Poster, Teases of Monday May 13th X-Men Day

Sounds like Monday May 13th will again be X-Men Day, at least according to The Walt Disney Company’s Dark Phoenix poster drop from this morning. Yes. We’ll let that sink in a bit more- Disney’s post about an X-Men film. This morning’s post featured a brand-new poster for the last of the Fox-lead X-Films: DARK PHOENIX- […]

Disney’s Release Schedule: ‘New Mutants’ Move AGAIN, 8 Marvel Studios Dates

We’re still reeling a bit from the recent news about Disney’s upcoming release slate for the next few years, which included the big ol’ galactic bomb of FIVE NEW STAR WARS MOVIES, and several release date moves and additions. Digging into the PR from the House of Mouse- The New Mutants gets moved YET AGAIN, confirming […]

New 'Dark Phoenix' TV Spot: "The Power and the Pain"

New ‘Dark Phoenix’ TV Spot: “The Power and the Pain”

Yet another tv spot for Dark Phoenix has made it’s way onto the internet, and we’re still not sure how we feel about the film. Reports from last week claimed the last round of reshoots for the film had moved the “epic final battle” from space to a…..train car. At first, we thought maybe this […]

[LV426] Happy 40th Birthday 'Alien', Let's Watch 'Containment'

[LV426] Happy 40th Birthday ‘Alien’ Pt 1: Let’s Watch ‘Containment’

Remember when we told you earlier this year that to celebrate the landmark 40th anniversary of Ridley Scott‘s genre-defining film Alien, and that we were getting a crop of short films released on LV-426?  That day has some, fans of Ellen Ripely, that day has come. The first of the 6 short films released by FOX via […]

Yes, 'Kingsman: The Great Game' Still Happening After Disney's Fox Purchase

Yes, ‘Kingsman: The Great Game’ Still Happening After Disney’s Fox Purchase

Perhaps it’s not the title you were most curious about, but it would appear that the Kingsman prequel film The Great Game is still happening following Disney’s acquisition of Fox. In a recent piece from The Hollywood Reporter, Kingsman: The Great Game was listed as one of the already-in-production films that will maintain it’s release following the Great […]

BossLogic's New 'Dark Phoenix' Poster is GORGEOUS

BossLogic’s New ‘Dark Phoenix’ Poster is GORGEOUS

You know that thing when sometimes the “not official” artwork for an upcoming film is more evocative and visually appealing than the studio-released stuff? Yeah, well, once again BossLogic has done exactly that with this Dark Phoenix poster for what will no doubt be the final Fox X-Men release. DARK PHOENIX- The X-MEN face their most formidable […]

‘Mouse Guard’ Film Stopped By Disney 2 Weeks Before Production Start

Sounds like fans of Mouse Guard are going to have to wait awhile longer for the possible film project to happen, as Fox’s new parent company Disney has halted the start of production indefinitely. We say indefinitely because according to The Hollywood Reporter, the word is in fact “scrapped”. THR says that just two weeks before Mouse […]