Matthew Vaughn on Rhys Ifans' Most Gross-Out Painful Scene From The King's Man - That Got Cut

Matthew Vaughn on Rhys Ifans' Penis – and its Role in "The King's Man"

Matthew Vaughn created the Secret Service comic books with Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons, which span into the Kingsman movies, of which the third, the prequel The King's Man, is about to come out. The cast and crew of The King's Man have been attending New York Comic Con, where they gave an interview, telling […]

“The King’s Man” Trailer Reveals More Origins of First Group

"The King's Man" Trailer Reveals More Origins of First Group

While the first trailer to The King's Man prominently features Ralph Fiennes as the Duke of Oxford and the need for the group, the second introduces how the first team comes together. Matthew Vaughn returns to direct the prequel and third film of the Kingsman series, loosely based on the comics of the same name […]

“Ad Astra” is the Ultimate Sad Astronaut Movie [Review]

"Ad Astra" is the Ultimate Sad Astronaut Movie [Review]

Do we get one big Astronaut movie from Hollywood every year now? It's starting to feel that way. Ad Astra is the latest major studio movie about the perils of going into outer space. It's a big serious movie that's as much a character study as it is a space thriller about saving the world. […]

New "Ford v Ferrari" Trailer Teases a Hell of a Race

New "Ford v Ferrari" Trailer Teases a Hell of a Race

There were a lot of awesome movies that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival but one of the movies that got a lot of critical acclaim is the 20th Century Fox racing movie Ford v Ferarri. Ever since the Fox and Disney deal went through its been a bit of an underwhelming year. However, […]

'Terminator: Dark Fate' Poster Ahead of Tomorrow's Trailer

4 New Character Posters for "Terminator: Dark Fate"

If there is one thing this year has taught us is that there are no sure things when it comes to bringing back classic properties or sequels. Both Men in Black: International and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part seemed like they should be sure things but they weren't. The Terminator franchise is a […]

"Cruella" and "The Woman in the Window" Get Delayed

"Cruella" and "The Woman in the Window" Get Delayed

It's not that surprising that more release dates are getting shuffled around in the wake of the Disney-Fox merger. Disney was already on the verge of cannibalizing its own movies before they purchased a studio with a bunch of movies are in various forms of production. So no one was really surprised when Disney announced […]

Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Friendship "Became a Problem"

"Spider-Man": Deadpool Ryan Reynolds Reacts to Disney-Sony Fallout

Most in the comic world can agree that Spider-Man is one of the beloved characters Marvel has ever created and the hopes for a Deadpool-Spidey crossover in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are dashed, for now. Among them is Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds, who's all too familiar with "The Merc with the Mouth" and his relationship […]

Jojo Rabbit Shouldn't Be A Problematic Film For Disney

"Jojo Rabbit" Shouldn't Be a Problematic Film for Disney

Recent reports suggest that Disney is concerned about Taika Waititi's edgy anti-hate satire, Jojo Rabbit, being distributed by Fox Searchlight. Financially speaking, some of Fox's films have been disappointments. Understandably, one can understand this could lead to frustration. Fox Searchlight is an indie film label so their films aren't going to set the box office […]

Twentieth Century Fox's Future Is Mixed In A Disney World

20th Century Fox's Future Is Mixed in a Disney World

The future of Twentieth Century Fox is the question of the hour following the Disney earnings call that took place on Tuesday afternoon. Bringing the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and other mutants home were the biggest thing to happen as a result of purchasing the studio.  I wish I could say that there were other positives.  […]

First Trailer and Poster for The Kingsman Prequel "The King's Man"

First Trailer and Poster for The Kingsman Prequel "The King's Man"

The Kingsman movies sort of came out of nowhere. The first movie was released in 2014 and is one of the most perfect example of a movie and a studio being realistic. It shared the same release date as Fifty Shades of Grey and it was never going to beat that. So the movie came […]

Annette Bening In Talks for "Death on the Nile"

20th Century Fox is in negotiations with Annette Bening for their take on Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile, according to Deadline. The four-time Oscar nominee is hoping to land the role of Euphemia in Kenneth Branagh's second Agatha Christie adaptation, following his 2017 take on Murder on the Orient Express. If Bening does indeed […]

Today Is X-Men Day in Comic Stores Across The World - Here Are a Few...

"Dark Phoenix" Will Lose 44% Of Its Theaters, Continues to Fall Hard

Things were looking bad for Dark Phoenix for awhile now but it only seems to be getting worse. The movie got savage reviews and audiences from day one haven't seemed interested at all. There have been articles trying to explain why this movie turned out the way it did but all of the explanations in […]

Taika Waititi

Taika Waititi Set to Save Every One of Us with "Flash Gordon" Film

I don't know where he's going to find the time to do it, but Deadline just broke the news that Taika Waititi is going to direct a new Flash Gordon for Disney, and I'm just assuming that he'll direct a film that will be for every one of us. Every man, every woman, every child. […]

“Ready or Not” Trailer: Hide and Seek Gone Gory

"Ready or Not" Trailer: Hide and Seek Gone Gory

If you like your children's games to go medieval extremes, you're in luck, because the players in Ready or Not take their game of Hide and Seek seriously. In the spirit of films like Hostel, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the Saw franchise, the story follows bride Grace (Samantha Weaving), who finds herself consummating her marriage […]

Simon Kinberg Attempts to Explain "Dark Phoenix" Sputtering Out

Simon Kinberg didn't kill Fox's X-Men franchise single-handedly, but he's provided plenty of nails for the increasingly cumbersome coffin, having written or co-written some of the most lifeless entries in the series. With his directorial debut in Dark Phoenix, he may have even pounded the last nail in himself. Kinberg appeared on Entertainment Weekly's The […]