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"PUBG" On PC Receives A New 6.2 Update On The Test Servers

PUBG Corp. has loaded up a brand new update to the PC test servers, as PUBG is getting a few new experimental things for you to play with. The big additions this time around are Team Deathmatch, changes to the way grenades act, adjustments to leaning and peeking, and changes to the Karakin. You'll have […]

"PUBG" Global Series 2020 Releases Qualification & Format Details

PUBG Corp. Has Postponed PGS: Berlin Due To Coronavirus

PUBG Corp. has come out this week and made a tough decision regarding their esports division by postponing their first major 2020 event. The statement below was sent out to media outlets over the weekend, letting people know that due to the Coronavirus outbreak, they have chosen to postpone the PGS: Berlin event that would […]

"PUBG" Global Series 2020 Releases Qualification & Format Details

"PUBG" Global Series 2020 Releases Qualification & Format Details

PUBG Corp. revealed the finer details this morning to the PUBG Global Series 2020 in Berlin as they laid out qualifications and format info. Players will ve vying for a $6+ million prize pool taken from sales and crowdfunding efforts from PGC 2019. Pro teams can expect a guaranteed minimum of $20k for each PGS […]

"PUBG" Just Loaded The 6.1 Update To The Test Servers

Cool news for PUBG players as the developers have loaded the new 6.1 update to the test servers for you to play with, including a new map. The new map is Karakin, an island that will give old-school Call Of Duty fans a bit of nostalgia. This is about as tan of a warzone as […]

"PUBG Mobile" Receives The New Winter Festival Update

Tencent and PUBG Corp. released a brand new 0.16.0 update into PUBG Mobile this week, sending the game into a Winter Festival and more. We have the full details of what's been added to PUBG Mobile for you below, which has added a bunch of gear as well as some updates and balances. Including the […]

Gen.G Wins The Inaugural "PUBG" Global Championship

Gen.G Wins The Inaugural "PUBG" Global Championship

Over the weekend in Oakland, California, South Korean esports team Gen.G took home the PUBG Global Championship beating China's Four Angry Men. The feat was strangely accomplished as the team had not secured an overall victory (a Chicken Dinner) all throughout day two. The team was dominant throughout the first day and essentially held onto […]

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PUBG Receives A 5.2 Update With Spike Traps & Vikendi Fixes

PUBG Corp released a brand new update for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds this week as players can now download the 5.2 patch. A couple of the notable changes to this update are the addition of the new Spike Trap tool, while Vikendi has gotten a number of improvements. We have those notes below, but you can read […]

In-Game Items Coming To "PUBG" Global Championship 2019

In-Game Items Coming To "PUBG" Global Championship 2019

PUBG Corp. has revealed some special in-game items for those looking for PUBG Global Championship 2019 unique collectibles. You can see here there are an array of items you can snag that has been branded from this year's tournament art. We got details for you here as to how you can snag them before the […]

"PUBG Mobile" Receives A New Anti-Cheat System

Tencent and PUBG Corp. have announced this week that they are taking further precautions against rampant cheating happening in PUBG Mobile. This week, both companies announced they have upgraded their anti-cheat system with new software and protocols. The system will watch over players and check their behavior against "a massive and ever-expanding library to cross-reference […]

Details Emerge About The PUBG Global Championship 2019

Details Emerge About The PUBG Global Championship 2019

PUBG Corp. released new information this week about the upcoming PUBG Global Championship 2019 taking place in Oakland, California next month. We now know the PGC will take place across three weekends, starting with a Group Stage (November 8th-10th) and Semifinals (November 15th-17th) held at the OGN Super Arena in Manhattan Beach, California. After that, […]

"PUBG" Throws The 5.1 Update Onto The Test Servers

The folks over at PUBG Corp. have loaded up a brand new update for PUBG in general, as the 5.1 patch is now live on the public test servers. We have some of the more important details below about a massive update to Miramar and the vending machines. But you can check out the full […]

"PUBG" Launches Cross-Platform Play On Consoles Today

"PUBG" Launches Cross-Platform Play On Consoles Today

Major news for PS4 and Xbox One players as PUBG officially launched a new patch today that brings cross-platform play to both consoles. For the first time, players can bridge the gap and fight for chicken dinners across both systems. Plus, the 4.3 patch comes with a bunch of updates, including the new DBS gun […]

"PUBG" Just Received The 4.3 Update & Survival Mastery

"PUBG" Just Received The 4.3 Update & Survival Mastery

PUBG Corp. announced this morning the latest additions to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with the 4.3 update, as well as adding Survival Mastery. The update itself adds in a double-barrelled, pump-action, DBS shotgun to crate drops, which holds 14 shells and can do two shots per second. This is basically their way of getting close-quarters combat over […]

"PUBG" Season Four H

"PUBG" Season Four Heads To PS4 And Xbox One Today

Season Four of PUBG has officially launched onto the PS4 and Xbox One today, and with it comes a number of changes to the system and some fun add-ons. You can read the entire list here, and we have some of the hardcore gameplay elements that were changed below. But the shorthand is you're getting graphical […]


"PUBG" Officially Gets Cross-Network Play On Console

PS4 and Xbox One players rejoice, another game has finally received crossplay, as PUBG joins in for some cross-network fun this fall. The company didn't give all the details as to how this worked out between Microsoft and Sony, but essentially they are currently in the development phases with testing coming soon. According to the […]

Russia Wins The PUBG Nations Cup 2019 In Seoul

Russia Wins The PUBG Nations Cup 2019 In Seoul

Over the weekend, the PUBG Nations Cup was being played in Seoul, South Korea, and last night we saw Team Russia take the top honors and the cup. When you get right down to it and look over the results, this was basically the tale of two teams. Team South Korea, playing up to their […]

"PUBG Mobile Lite" Launched On Android This Week

Tencent Games and PUBG Corp. have officially launched PUBG Mobile Lite this week, offering a much more optimized version of the game. The app launched in the Google Play Store in Southeast Asia, South Asia, North Africa, and South America, with Europe, North America, and Central America coming soon. The short version is that this […]

TOP ESPORT Take "PUBG Mobile" Club Open Global Finals

Top Esports Take "PUBG Mobile" Club Open Global Finals

Over the weekend, China's Top Esports won the inaugural PUBG Mobile PMCO Spring Split Global Finals in Berlin, besting out the rest of the teams. After several rounds of play, they took the most amount of point of the 16 teams from around the world with a total of 344 points to win the championship. […]

PUBG Officially Launches Season Four This Week

PUBG Corp. officially launched Season Four of PUBG on the PC live servers with new content and features for everyone to experience starting today. We have some details for you below and you can read more about all the additions here, but this is basically one of the more comprehensive updates they've thrown into the […]

"PUBG Mobile" Receives The Royale Pass Season 8

"PUBG Mobile" Receives The Royale Pass For Season Eight

Tencent Games and PUBG Corp. have released the full version 0.13.5 of PUBG Mobile this week, including the Royal Pass for Season 8. Along with some upgrades to the game, a new Royale Pass, and a third-person perspective mode, and updates to Team Deathmatch Mode, you also get a new weapon in the  PP-19 submachine gun. […]