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Totino's Unveils ASTRO Gaming Headset For "Modern Warfare" Launch

Totino’s Unveils ASTRO Gaming Headset For “Modern Warfare” Launch

When you think Totino’s, you probably think pizza rolls. Well, bow you can add gaming headset to that as they have partnered with ASTRO Gaming for a new pair. This is actually part of an extension to its existing collaboration with Activision over Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This is a specialty item that was […]

All The Info About Google Stadia Will be Revealed on June 6th

You May Not Have Enough Data To Use Google Stadia

While a lot of people, including us, are looking forward to trying Google Stadia, a new report suggests most won’t be able to use it much. Broadband Now released a new study into the streaming game service that shows if you intend to game in 4K, the service will consume as much as 15.75 GB […]

The Atari VCS Officially Enters Pre-Production

Atari announced today that they have officially put the Atari VCS into pre-production ahead of the first wave of backer-supported shipments in December. The word came down from an article on Medium, where they give a breakdown of the construction of the modules and how they’ve been designed. It’s an interesting look at how these […]

Scuf Launches The Vantage 2 Controller For PC & PS4

Scuf Gaming Launches The Vantage 2 Controller For PC & PS4

This week, Scuf Gaming introduced their latest controller with the Vantage 2, being released for the PS4 and PC with a limited edition Modern Warfare version. The company released the details of the controller which feels like a slimmed-down and more-manageable version of the previous versions. We have the specs for you here along with […]

Review: EON's Super 64 HDMI Adapter For The N64

Review: EON’s Super 64 HDMI Adapter For The N64

For those who still own a physical Nintendo 64, working with a modern-day HDTV can be a pain when trying to play some retro titles. Sure, there are wiring options for the old-school into the new-school, but anyone (like myself) who has dealt with that nightmare on older consoles would love an alternative. Lucky for […]

PowerA Introduces New Line Of FUSION Pro Wired Controllers

PowerA introduced two new game controllers to their lineup this week with the FUSION Pro Wired Controller and the FUSION Wired FightPad. The first one is specifically designed for the Xbox One in both black and white for $70, while the second is made for all three major consoles for $60. As you can see […]

LogitechG Reveals The G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech Reveals The G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech introduced a new product this morning as they unveiled the new G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse to the public. The big promotion behind this is that it’s a fully functional gaming mouse that was also designed to be used in other aspects beyond just gaming. It’s an everyday kind of mouse that can also […]

Discord Reveals Nitro Subscription Addition With “Server Boosting”

Discord To Shut Down Nitro Game Service After Lack Of Use

Discord will be taking their Nitro Games catalog from the Nitro subscription service after nearly a year due to a lack of people using it. Last year the company launched Nitro, which is a program that gives you a set of games every month, along with a ton of features you can throw into your […]

Cranking It Out: We Tried PlayDate At PAX West 2019

An appointment at PAX West 2019 that kind of came out of the blue was when we got a chance to play with the new PlayDate handheld console from Panic Inc. Ever since the tiny crank-based system was introduced a few months ago, we’ve been curious what exactly we’d get as far as games. We […]

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We Messed Around With Google Stadia During PAX West 2019

One of the surprise appointments I was able to book for PAX West 2019 came in the form of meeting with Google Stadia reps and playing on the platform. During the meeting, I had a chance to sit down and play a couple of games on the system as we tried out DOOM Eternal and […]

Razer Unveils New Arctech Smartphone Cases For Gamers

Razer Unveils New Arctech Smartphone Cases For Gamers

Shortly after the new iPhone reveals today from Apple, Razer unveiled their own line new Arctech smartphone cases for both Razer and Apple lines. Each of these cases, aside from being designed in the company color lines, come with Thermaphene. Which is a thermally-conductive material designed to make your phone cool down while playing games […]

Viva Las Razer: Check Out The New Razer Store In Las Vegas

Viva Las Razer: Check Out The New Razer Store In Las Vegas

We had a fun opportunity pop up this weekend as we were able to fly down to Las Vegas and check out the new Razer Store opening along the strip. The location is between The Flamingo and The Linq, down the avenue of businesses run by Caesars where you can shop and get a bite […]

Satisfye Announces The SwitchGrip Pro For The Nintendo Switch

Satisfye Announces The SwitchGrip Pro For The Nintendo Switch

Satisfye has announced over the weekend their latest Nintendo Switch accessory coming out in September with the SwitchGrip Pro. Building upon the original design, this is basically an extended holder for your Switch that’s almost entirely made of silicone. Essentially, it’s here for people who need a better grip on the console while also preventing […]

Razer Launches Their Biggest Store In Las Vegas

Razer Launches Their Biggest Store In Las Vegas, Nevada

Razer has announced the grand opening for their biggest storefront to date as RazerStore Las Vegas will open on Saturday, September 7th. The location is right on the strip at The LINQ Promenade, as the space will feature all the latest Razer gear available to test and purchase immediately. To celebrate, they’ll be throwing a […]

Intellivision Reveals Five New Amico Designs During Gamescom 2019

Intellivision Entertainment revealed five launch colors for its upcoming Amico home entertainment system at Gamescom 2019. The five colors include Metallic Pearl, Obsidian Black, Vintage Woodgrain, GTO Red with carbon fiber, and Galaxy Purple. Beyond that, the company didn’t have much to reveal for the console in terms of gaming or other surprises to show […]

All The Info About Google Stadia Will be Revealed on June 6th

Google Stadia Announces Full Roster Of Games At Gamescom 2019

Earlier this year, Google announced its entry into the console race with a system that operates entirely through the cloud, the Google Stadia. The console is set to have a soft release this November with the Stadia Founder’s Edition for $130. Early adopters will also receive a free copy of Destiny 2: The Collection and […]

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Logitech Introduces Two New Gaming Keyboards With G915 & G815

This week, Logitech introduced players to two new gaming keyboards from their Lightech G line, with the G915 and the G815. Both of these were designed to be the top of their game for the series so far with wireless technology, new high-performance logistics, and low-profile GL Switches. You can read about both of them […]

Cable Guy Launches New Line Of “Avengers: Endgame” Chargers

Cable Guy will be bringing something awesome to Gamescom this year as they have a new line of Avengers: Endgame chargers. This little beauty can charge most any game controller for Xbox One or PS4 (no word on Nintendo Switch), as well as most smartphones and tablets. This one is designed to look like Iron […]

Nintendo Switch To Get A Special Spyro Controller From PowerA

The Nintendo Switch is going to get a special new controller through PowerA as the company will be releasing this Spyro controller. The company has made a number of cool custom controllers for video games for the Switch. We’ve reviewed a couple ourselves in the past featuring The Legend Of Zelda and Diablo artwork on […]

Discord To Roll Out A New "Go Live" Feature Next Week

Discord To Roll Out A New “Go Live” Feature Next Week

Discord is planning to launch a brand new feature into their app on August 15th as streamers will now have a cool new Go Live function. This new feature allows users to stream their gameplay while up to ten other users are in their server. Essentially, as the artwork below would suggest, creating a party […]