DC Comics

DC Comics is one of the largest and oldest American comic book companies, and a subsidiary of Warner Bros. since 1967. Popular characters published by the company include: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Cyborg and Supergirl. Popular DC Comics teams include Justice League, Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, Teen Titans, and Watchmen.

Former US Army Cavalry Officer and pulp writer Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson founded the precursor to the company we now know as DC Comics, National Allied Publications in autumn 1934. His first comic book, the tabloid-sized New Fun: The Big Comic Magazine #1 was cover dated February 1935 .

Detective Comics, a detective-themed anthology series, debuted with a March 1937 cover date, and would introduce Batman to the world with Detective Comics #27, cover-dated May 1939.  The initials “D.C.” in DC Comics come from the title Detective Comics.

The publisher would release its most important issue ever with Action Comics #1, cover-dated June 1938, and the comic book that introduced Superman to the world.

As a subsidiary of Warner Bros, the publisher’s characters and teams have been the subject of numerous tv series, films, and games.

Batman And The Outsiders #1 and Batman Damned #3 Return in May

We’ve been updating the DC Comics May 2019 solicitations (we missed out on a few pages and have finally found them again). Which also includes the re-solicitation of Batman And The Outsiders #1, which was solicited last year for Black History Month, but then disappeared. Well, it’s back, and planned for May 2018. This was the […]

Gossip Fills the Void at DC Comics’ Burbank Offices

DC Comics, after a couple of rounds of redundancies, has been a pretty paranoid place. More changes are still expected in the summer but no one seems to be talking about what they will be. As you know, nature abhors a vacuum and gossip fills its place. There’s lots of tittle-tattle, but it generally involved […]

Reaction to DC Comics Changes; Especially the Departure of Mark Chiarello

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool began running news about an impending restructuring at DC Comics, updating through the day. The big meeting happened last night at DC’s headquarters in Burbank, with a memo issued later in the day. Bleeding Cool earlier reported that Mark Chiarello, John Cunningham and Eddie Scammell were among the layoffs, which THR later […]

Layoffs Hit DC Comics During Today’s Restructuring

Earlier today, we informed you of a “restructuring” happening at DC Comics. The rumors quickly took hold of course–ranging from Dan DiDio being let go to Jim Lee leaving; all the usual rumors that get mentioned in times like this. Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we know whats’ up now–three percent of DC Comics’ 240-person workforce have been let […]

DC Comics March 2019 Solicits Has – or Had – Eric Esquivel Writing Nightwing

Today, DC Comics were intended to release their solicitations for March 2019. But delays to Diamond Comic Distributors schedules for the week, thanks to a combination of Free Comic Book Day and Christmas holiday planning put the kibosh on that for the moment. All we have are what has been Frankensteined and what has been […]

LibraryCon Encourages Libraries to Run Their Own Comic Cons

Yesterday’s recent LibraryCon Live!, a live streaming event from Library Journal and School Library Journal was an attempt at a deeper look into the diverse world of comics in libraries. A virtual convention with comic book publishers, creators and bloggers all working together to promote literacy and storytelling through comics. Here’s how it looked on […]

The Least Convincing Major DC Comics Death in Justice League #11 (Spoilers)

Seriously. I mean, come on now. Drowned Earth wouldn’t be the first comic book event to feature the death of a major character. Sometimes those deaths stick as well, for years even. Captain America in Civil War, Professor Xavier in AVX, Cyclops in IVX, Hulk and James Rhodes in Civil War II, Superman in Death […]

Three Jokers NYCC 2

Geoff Johns Teases Three Jokers at NYCC Spotlight Panel

Geoff Johns is hosting his spotlight panel at NYCC right now, and after dropping some some tidbits about the DC Universe shows, he brought out the big guns, teasing the upcoming and long-awaited Three Jokers story. The story will focus on the Joker through three eras, and the primary stars of the story will be […]

Batman 1839, Part 1: Mad Men of Gotham

Indeed the materials are so profuse that the author who deals in them requires neither invention nor imagination, but merely a fair talent for telling the truth takingly, for once he begins, he will find it scattered about him in rich confusion, any quantity of the prettiest and most interesting little loves — murders — […]

Getting Ready for the Year of the Bat

Vintage comic book anniversary milestones are my very favorite kind of nerd holiday.  I’m not much of a convention guy (yeah… I know, I know), and of course I love collecting and talking about old paper, so the big gold and silver age anniversaries are definitely my thing. I’m always curious to see what the […]

DC Comics Tells Stores They Can Sell Their Comics at Midnight September 18th As Well

September 19th sees the publication of The Return Of Wolverine #1 from Marvel Comics. And a number of stores are participating in September 18th midnight openings to launch the series, with special permission granted by Marvel comics to retailers who participate in their promotion. Well, DC Comics have now informed retailers that those participating in […]

House of Whispers #1 cover by Sean Andrew Murray

House of Whispers #1 Review: Sandman Universe Struggling to Create Engagement

We join House of Whispers as Uncle Monday of the Brotherhood of Teeth joins a fandango in honor of Mistress Erzulie Freda Dahomey. Deities and dreamers join this party, many of which petition Mistress Erzulie for favors. Meanwhile, the four women we met in Sandman Universe #1, Latoya, Maggie, Lumi, and Habibi, look at a […]

Nightwing #48 cover by Mike Perkins and Dave McCaig

Nightwing #48 Review: The Motor Cycle Race of the Cosmos

Nightwing has gone to the Isle of Harm in Ireland. Once a year, an intergalactic motorcycle race takes place on the Isle of Harm, and the winner can go to the Pathway Altar. Here, someone can peer into all of time, space, and people. Nightwing aims to win this race to seek out where the […]

Deathstroke #35 cover by Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, and Brad Anderson

Deathstroke #35 Review: Doubling Back on Some of the Boldness

Deathstroke and Batman have gravely wounded one another during their battle in the Batcave. They almost killed each other, and Alfred and Wintergreen want the rivalry to end. As such, they have set up a trap to incapacitate Slade and Bruce if they can’t cooperate to find their own way out of the cave. Meanwhile, […]