DC Comics

DC Comics is one of the largest and oldest American comic book companies, and a subsidiary of Warner Bros. since 1967. Popular characters published by the company include: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Cyborg and Supergirl. Popular DC Comics teams include Justice League, Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, Teen Titans, and Watchmen.

Former US Army Cavalry Officer and pulp writer Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson founded the precursor to the company we now know as DC Comics, National Allied Publications in autumn 1934. His first comic book, the tabloid-sized New Fun: The Big Comic Magazine #1 was cover dated February 1935 .

Detective Comics, a detective-themed anthology series, debuted with a March 1937 cover date, and would introduce Batman to the world with Detective Comics #27, cover-dated May 1939.  The initials “D.C.” in DC Comics come from the title Detective Comics.

The publisher would release its most important issue ever with Action Comics #1, cover-dated June 1938, and the comic book that introduced Superman to the world.

As a subsidiary of Warner Bros, the publisher’s characters and teams have been the subject of numerous tv series, films, and games.

DC Comics Regig 'Bronze Age' Covers For Upcoming Collections?

DC Comics Redesign ‘Bronze Age’ Covers For Upcoming Omnibus Line

  DC Comics has been publishing a number of Bronze Age Omnibus collections, collecting comics work from the seventies and early eighties, in a similar manner as they have Golden Age and Silver Age collections. And they have a similar house style… Bleeding Cool previously reported how retailer orders for Justice League Of America: The Bronze Age […]

Zero Hour 25th Anniversary Omnibus Gets Bigger, More Expensive

The Zero Hours 25th Anniversary Omnibus from DC Comics is getting bigger – and more expensive. It was solicited as a 976-page volume for $125. Both numbers are going up… ZERO HOUR 25TH ANNIVERSARY OMNIBUS HC written by DAN JURGENS and others art by DAN JURGENS, JERRY ORDWAY and others cover by DAN JURGENS and […]

LATE: Shazam #7, #8, #9 - But Batman #75 Gets Back On Track

LATE: Shazam #7, #8, #9 – But Batman #75 Gets Back On Track

Last week, Bleeding Cool reported that Batman #75 had slipped, from the 17th to the 24th July. Well now it’s back in track, shifting back to the 17th, a week after Batman #74. Last week we also stated that Shazam #7 and #8 had also slipped. Shazam #7, slipping from 19th June to the 24th […]

Superman: Year One #1 and Savage Shores # Get Second Printings

Superman: Year One #1 and These Savage Shores #4 Get Second Printings

Superman: Year One #1, the new take on the Man of Steel’s formative years from Frank Miller, John Romita, Danny Miki and Alex Sinclair was published in comic stores last week and instantly sold out from Diamond Comic Distributors. It is going back to press for a new, second printing. Superman: Year One #1 is […]

Joe Hill Launches Horror "Pop-Up" Line at DC Comics

Joe Hill Launches Horror “Pop-Up” Line at DC Comics

To show how committed they are to not having a lot of imprints just one week after consolidating their imprints and shuttering Vertigo, DC Comics has announced a new horror imprint curated by Joe Hill, called Hill House Comics, with a lineup of books that would have been right at home at Vertigo. But this […]

Sexual Harassment and the Comics Industry – Again

It’s not uncommon for allegations of sexual harassment to arise – or rather, be repeated when an individual is gaining prominence. And that seems to be happening right now with Scott Lobdell. Again. He is the current writer on comic books Red Hood: Outlaw and Nightwing for DC Comics, as well as the upcoming Heroes […]

Paul Levitz on How Vertigo Changed Comics

Paul Levitz on How Vertigo Changed Comics

Paul Levitz became President and Publisher of DC Comics after thirty years of working editorially at DC Comics. During that time he also began the Vertigo imprint at DC Comics, consolidating a series of mature readers titles such as Swamp Thing, Hellblazer, Doom Patrol, Animal Man, Shade The Changing Man and Sandman that had been […]

Comics Folk On... Vertigo, and the Absence of Karen Berger and Shelly Bond

Comics Folk On… Vertigo, and the Absence of Karen Berger and Shelly Bond

A few weeks ago, Bleeding Cool ran the news that DC Comics was to shutter the Vertigo imprint. This week, DC Comics confirmed the news, doing away with all their themed imprints, instead having three labels specific to age ranges, DC Kids for all ages, DC for 13-year-olds up and DC Black Label for 17 […]

Bendis in Crisis Day 2: The Great One's Twitter on Lockdown After Hacking

Bendis in Crisis Day 2: The Great One’s Twitter on Lockdown After Hacking

As the crisis that has enveloped the entire comic book industry and left shockwaves throughout social media enters its second day, the world is still without a Twitter account run by “The Great One” Brian Bendis. Though the hackers who took control of the account on Saturday have seemingly been thwarted, Bendis’s profile remains stripped […]

Brian Bendis Locked in Desperate Struggle With Twitter Hackers Right Now

Brian Bendis Locked in Desperate Struggle with Hackers as Crisis Enters 4th Hour

It seemed as though the world could finally breathe a huge sigh of relief Saturday as superstar comic book writer “The Great One” Brian Bendis had seemingly regained control of his Twitter account following a grueling three-hour ordeal wherein hackers captured the account and used it to post vague messages, Soundcloud links, and shoutouts to […]